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Vegetarian Healthy Nutrition was from thousands of years and is till this day significantly healthier dietetic option for humanity than carnivorousness and omnivorous ness also called as mixed nutrition. Even today governmental agencies and experts of health service convince people to eat less products of animal origin, and more vegetables, seeds, fruits and leguminous plants. It’s a sign of every progressive medicine of human countenance and of every humanitarian governing, that they promote healthy, vegetarian and based on plant products nutrition. It’s a sign of societies coming out of dusks of the Middle Ages. All scientific experiments carried out honestly proof that vegetarianism is healthier for people and with consumption of meat are associated many illnesses and premature death. Vegetarian nutrition has practically only advantages, the more that a man is herbivorous from the nature and has the alimentary canal of the type characteristic for fruitvorous creatures. Every reasonable man, and especially the doctor or dietician will always recommend vegetarian, vegetable nutrition, optionally sometimes supplemented with small amount of honey. Eggs or milk products, which however are not necessary for a man to live, and can only help to those while choosing health and longevity turn from harmful carnivorous habits to vegetarianism.

Pigs and cattle require pastures and cultivations, where you could grow corns and vegetables for feeding starving people not only of the Third World. Feeding butcher’s animals causes the increase of famine among people, because livestock eats the food from fields and meadows, the products of which could be consumed by people. Vegetarianism is a solution of all famine problems in the world, and fields used for fodder production could be used for growing food for people and simultaneously decrease the cultivation area. It enables intending much more surface for necessary forests, which produces oxygen, help in keeping the balance, bio-variety of species in the nature. The effective diet for small green planet, like Earth, is green diet, vegetarian, humanitarian nutrition, without useless bloodshed of innocent victims, which is cattle, bestially murdered in slaughters-house especially of white race. So if we need for every single kilogram of produced meat a dozen or few kilograms of fodder than it’s obviously clear that meat food is totally uneconomical, and the necessity of eating bodies of animals, in fact the corps proclaim only farmers – businessmen and pseudo-experts from industry about butchers branch, because of greed, for cruel profits and easy income from carnivorous consumer.

Animal husbandry leads to famine, and methods of commercial farming based on butchers husbandry harms the environment, destroys the nature. Additionally monopolistic system of food distribution leads to the famine and anaemia of main part of humanity on planet Earth. The future of humanity is the walk in the direction of healthy alternative in the shape of biodynamic, vegetarian farming based on growing fruits, vegetables, grains and leguminous plants, where the husbandry of livestock is limited to production of milk and eggs in humanitarian way for husbandry animals. A cow gives milk, a sheep gives the wool, and a hen gives eggs and this old wisdom must be totally reborn in the new age of world evolution. Vegetarian world based only on vegetable products as the source of nutrition is practically and ecologically reasonable idea. And if the amount of people significantly increase over ten billions than it will be an absolute necessity, what intelligent leaders of governments and progressive countries of the world already realise.

Sometimes mentioned imaginary problem with B12 vitamin in fact doesn’t exist and had never existed. And it’s only about eating wholemeal bread every day, seeds full of grains or cereals from full seeds of grains, so the organism could have B12 vitamin in abundance. Yeast also include b12 vitamin in assimilated shape, and eating seeds of some grain every day was recommended by sages of far antiquity. There is no B12 vitamin in white bread nor in white flour, but such purified products don’t belong to historical nutrition, which is vegetarianism and every responsible medicine warns against eating while flour in the shape of while bread or other products. Vegetarianism doesn’t include purified sodium chloride, but only natural solid salt and sugar in pro-healthy shape, not a white refined sugar, which is a poison driving for example the depression. Anaemia is an illness of carnivorous, who don’t eat green vegetable products, indispensable chlorophyll from plants, necessary for producing haemoglobin in the organism. Daily portion of vegetables is necessary to a man for living, so the organism could produce haemoglobin from chlorophyll, without searching the possibility of substitute producing it. B12 vitamin appears also in full milk of cows, ships and goats and also in products like natural yoghurts, but there’s none of it in skimmed milk in amounts required by the organism. Furthermore skimmed milk is allergic and causes allergy. That’s why those who eat milk products should care about drinking full milk, straight from the cow or a goat. Natural yoghurt is recommended also by many pro-vegetarian and long-living ancient cultures of health, like Vedic culture in Eurasia. All cereals, wholemeal bread, products of full, wholemeal flour of five grains in daily diet, dive efficient amount of B12 vitamin to every man.

Healthy nutrition has many rules, and professional vegetarianism even in radical vegan version is about benefiting the charms of healthy life and joy of healthy longevity. Recommending eating at least five sorts of grains a weak in their full shape, also cereals, bread, flour has the purpose of making the diet maximally profitable and universal. Daily portion of vegetables, products with plant chlorophyll is also required, and periodical fasts are recommended for everybody for optimising health. Water must be obviously clear and healthy, the best straight from the source, without any toxic chemicals in shape of additional chlorine or fluorine compounds, which are very harmful for health, toxic and destroying for the organism. Eating must include plenty of vitamins and microelements, what is provided by vegetable nutrition, because the meat of animals is a barren product, intended just for filling the stomach during the crop failure and famine, toxically pickling the organism. Ancient sages used to say that meat is a cause of one hundred of illnesses, and today we now from progressive medicine that meat products, animal products, causes even bigger amount of diseases and hurts, including inhuman degradation of society, which is animalism Carnivorousness and omnivorous ness occurred in thoughtless way is number one on the list of health and life killers.

Vegans and vegetarians exist from the beginning of the human history, and first vegans was paradisiacal people, Adam and Eva, who had liven on fruits, vegetables and grains almost one thousand of years, what shows the longevity of vegetarians from the beginning of human existence. A vegetarian has no problems with providing his organism with B12 vitamin is only he really applies to vegetarian diet, natural for a man, although medical frauds know that there is no B12 vitamin in white bread and white flour and by cheating they try to frighten people for profits and benefits.

Similar histories about D vitamin are also a deceitful myth, because especially D vitamin is generally spontaneously produced by organism if only eyes absorb enough sun light. So daily portion of healthy move outdoors is obviously recommended, especially when the sun is shining. Professed huge demand on D vitamin among carnivorous is caused by the shape of D vitamin in animal fats, which can not be assimilated. And in bigger amounts the organism can only absorb about 10% of all you eat. Obviously milk products has also quite easily assimilated shape of D vitamin, the most of it is in Ghi (Ghee), in clarified butter of whole group of milk products, what is recommended for people who because of the illness doesn’t abide in fresh air, or who stay long in caves or underground. All professed problems with vegetarian nutrition were solved at the beginning of humanity, and contemporary throughout researches on vegetarianism only confirm ancient scientific wisdom about vegetarianism!

Vegetarian nutrition is a basis of healing the cancer in every form, a basis of healing the sclerosis, heart diseases, dementia, depression, osteoporosis, anaemia, kidney diseases and all serious diseases of modern civilization. There is nothing healthy in meat, especially in red one, and that is why previously Eurasian humans, especially Chinas or Indians, had long boiled meat few times till the worst toxins were removed, and they decided to a meat only in case great crop failure. A decoction from meat was obviously poured out, what is the most reasonable solution for carnivorous and omnivorous, who however should be vegetarian according to their nature!

Himalaya Master

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