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Gold division of Triangle and Rectangle is for sure one of the most hermetic and fascinating fields that refer to Holy Architecture serving to Good Health, Happiness and Welfare of a human. The essence of Gold Division of Rectangle is arrangement of rooms and building houses in the space of Gold Rectangle, and it the most simple presentation it’s the proportion of width to length of a land or a room in 2:3 or 3:5 scale and more and more precisely according Finabocci sequence. Gold Triangle of Pitagoras includes proportions useful while building energetic roofs in 3:4:5 scale, so fulfilling the equation a2 + b2 = c2 in the way particularly useful in architecture. But let’s have a look at the simplest Gold Rectangle, and this figure should focus Gold Energy of Light strengthening vitality, energy and creativeness of human creature.

Pict. 1

In the space of 2:3 (pict. 1) on the left we see the simplest Gold Rectangle, and in 3:5 space we see two Gold Rectangles and a corridor inside, which is divided into two parts. It also fulfills the 2:3 scale rule. So we have various possibilities of analysing and arranging the Space according to Eternal Rule of Gold Division. Proportions 8:13 and 13:21 are frequent traditional dimensions while building houses or economic buildings. 

Important rule of Architecture understood as Divine Art is planning the house in N-S directions, so that the walls of a house could be arranged on the North side (N), South side (S), East side (E) and West side (W). And all corners should be arranged indirectly, never inversely. Good forces gather in a room if the walls are arranged according to the world directions, in N-S orientation, and bad forces and energies gather in rooms which corners direct main directions of the world. Simple picture explains it (Pict. 2) two examples of places arranged for gathering Good and Bad Energies.

Pict. 2

Pict. 3
Pict. 4
Pict. 5

The plane of a Square is often used in Architecture of East, especially as a plan of whole land surface with house and garden and also as a pattern of building a house with internal yard or a Temple inside a house, a fortress. Than a 9-fielded division is used for arranging and functional replacing rooms, according to simple draft of Square division into 9 Areas (Pict. 3). Central Square is a yard, internal yard, nowadays also a covered pool or garden, previously often a Home Temple of Holy Garden of Sanctuary type. Northern side of home create usually rooms referring to welfare, luck and wealth like office of house owner, center of business managing, and also home treasury with jewels. Deviation the walls from N-S direction can not be bigger in fact than 8-12%, because in other time such room will emanate with bad or unfavourable vibrations, which usually cause diseases and are destructive. Black Magic for cumulating bad power and energy builds walls diagonally, so that corners of a house appear in cardinal points of world directions as a diagonal square pictures. 

Obviously Gold Rectangle as a house can be situated according to world directions in two obvious ways, among the length in N-S direction or among the width in N-S direction (Pict. 4). Both are favourable for the life of a human, although for those who like Gardens in front of the house from Southern side and agricultural activity, the better and more recommended is option of arranging a house so it’s length (longer walls) were placed in W-E direction, and the width (shorter walls) in N-S direction (Pict. 5) with a garden from Southern side (S). Placing house on square land with Gardens in Southern and Eastern side is the best, perfect possibility (Pict. 5), although central placing the house from Northern side and surrounding gardens from East and South is also the best for agricultural amateurs (Pict. 6). Square or Rectangle Land is also as important as the shape of the building and shapes of rooms, where we live and spend much time as bedroom or living-room, studio, etc.

Pict. 6

Pict. 7

First picture shows a house on 3:5 scale plan with two rooms 2:3 and let’s say a little corridor or a kitchen or bathroom inside. A shape of the roof on the house is also significant (pict. 7) and there are recommended two forms that include a shape of Golden Triangle as a roof one- or more often two-diagonal combined with two Gold Triangles. Such roof can be more flat, and more sharp, more soaring than the other version, which is offered by the Architecture of Golden Age set on spiritual rights. Interesting features has the little area, which is a point of the center such built triangle section of a roof, about which we say that is a point of gathering energy flowing from Heavens and it’s a very good place for spiritual healing and tranquillising practices. If a house is built on a plane of Square (Pict. 8) than the Roof may also be of Pyramid shape, corresponding to Gold Division of Triangle, and also Cone shape, like our Triangle had started to whirl, what gives very good energy. Also possible are outlines of Pyramid spread on building of Golden Rectangle shape as in the last picture (Pict. 9) showing the edges of the roof from above. Ancients loved to plan on the shape of Square and Golden Rectangles and Triangles, so the Gold Energy of Initiation, the Glitter of Wisdom of the Soul could cumulate in appropriately arranged space in Vastu field – the Architecture as an Art.

Rys. 8

The most significant points, are appropriate arrangements of walls to directions of the world, so the place of living could be full of positive energy, and not a place of focusing dark, bad and pathological forces of all (autorament ?) favourite also for malicious, haunting ghosts. However the protective shape of the roof, especially the soaring model, which reflects and disperses bad influences from cosmos the most effectively, or details like designing door or window shape with the pattern of Golden Rectangle – it also has it’s own meaning. Finding appropriate places for door and windows in the shape of the wall, which also should be appropriate arranged for health and benefit of a human, is very creative Art of Architecture, Vastu. And Vastu is the prototype of China Feng Shui art, which is a translation of old Indian knowledge into China culture area. However, if wall of the room where we sleep or work, has a Golden Shape in proportion of 3:5 in their base, than the wall should be 3 meters high, and than the smaller wall will have a shape of square, and the bigger one the shape of Golden Rectangle. The play with proportions of Golden Glitter is as you can see the real Art of Vastu Master of Architecture. 

It is enough to mark in the proportions of 2:3, 3:5, 5:8, 8:13, 13:21, 21:34 to get clear proportions of shapes of various Golden Rectangles and various possibilities of dividing them. The compass in the art of building a house is indispensable, and building walls according to cardinal directions of the world N-S and W-E is a basic matter for life, health and good protection and the welfare of this planet’s inhabitants. Formerly everything was measured in the lengths of an elbow of house owner (from elbow till the longest finger), so the flat could fulfil the most individual tastes. Contemporary planning that corresponds to Vastu on a large scale would demand for sure raising many accidentally built cities one again from zero. Vastu is undoubtedly a revolution in architectonic art suitable for creating new, but ancient Age Aquarius and Golden Age! And for health and healing, the rules of Vastu architecture must be obeyed in the shape of every hospital room and placing every single patient!

Himalaya Master

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