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Human organisms are mainly adapted to eating vegetable food, and animal supplements are bearable in minor amounts, and lead to various illnesses because of eating things like mammals, fish or birds meat. In the world of very industrial civilization there is another problem – chemically processed, preserved, pasteurized and radioactively irradiated food, which in any way can be qualified as natural and healthy. Vegetarianism is above all healthy nutrition, holistic, eaten in natural shape without poisoning chemical preservatives or submitted to very harmful technologies of converting. The people searching for personal or internal development should be particularly sensitized.

Chlorinated water, poisoned with chloramines, is poisoning problem, although it can be little helpful during epidemic, because chlorine is a strong poison, one of few basic causes of pandemic and allergy, similarly as fluorine in toothpaste, which is a basic cause of exhausting human’s dentition.

A social problem for many people is consuming milk, because huge amount of people is not able to drink milk or consume dairy products and preserves. The healthiest kind is the milk straight from a cow or only brought to boiling, because it shall be not pasteurized by cooking. And so among various populations 20-40 % of people get at least lightly allergic to various substances contained in milk and dairy products, and that unable them consuming milk. Bigger problem is skimmed milk, pasteurized, chemically converted and preserved, because the cause of consuming such poison are not only various allergy problems but also hard diseases as asthma, bronchitis, lungs cancer, diarrhoea or getting bloated.

The society should be informed about these facts, and dairy products labels should contain warning information and death’s skull the same as on cigarettes, alcohol and hard drugs. A man similarly as other herbivorous mammals is adapted to drinking milk only during infancy, early childhood, till 2-3 year of living, and later should be feed with vegetable food, preferably with holistic products, used without impoverishment. Human baby bares the most easily the milk from the mother, and every mother should care about breast-feeding, and if it’s not possible because of disorders like lack of milk, it’s advised to search for foster mom, which would feed the baby. Also sheep’s and goat’s milk is more recommended than cow’s one for children, only if there is no other way of feeding the baby! Only if there is no other alternative.

Many children in school or pre-school age don’t tolerate cow milk and hate it; it can be allergic reaction. You shouldn’t force a child to drink milk, especially as pasteurized poisons or powder chemical products are concerned. Symptoms of milk non-tolerance can appear even after many years of forcing to consuming dairy products under the pressure of pseudo-parents, which are directed towards great dairy companies business instead of child’s matter. One of the causes of osteoporosis is consumption of diary products despite the organism’s protest and allergic results of milk-drinking like runny nose, bronchitis and rashes. If a child after drinking milk tends to vomit, diarrhoea and rashes, you should search for feeding him different products than cow milk and it’s products. Especially you should try sheep’s or goat’s milk, starting with little doses. Few ingredients that milk contains causes among many people damages of various internal organs, in vascular system, heart and bone system. Protein contained in milk rinses calcium out of organism, weakens bone system and causes easy bone breaks or osteoporosis, which is a civilization problem.

You shouldn’t listen to noisy advertisement of harmful milk industry, and all what is pasteurized should be rejected at first, because this process causes harmful chemical transformations in products that you consume and every dietician or nutrition technologist is aware of this fact. However usually those, serving to big companies, cheat the whole society. Any symptoms of allergy among children must cause limiting or rejecting products from milk concerns, and for 20-40% of people the only alternative is healthy, not chlorinated water, vegetable and fruit juices, soya milk and similar products. Protein contained in cow milk is one of the basic reasons of heart diseases. People with ill hearts must avoid dairy products and eggs with killing amount of cholesterol! There are mentioned 5 or 7 very dangerous allergens, which are ingredients of milk and it’s products, like penicillin, animal flours or wheat protein after converting them by the cow.

Osteoporosis is hard disease that corresponds with high consumption of milk in countries where the diary industry dominates the market and allures people, who shouldn’t drink even the milk straight from the cow at all.

Pasteurization changes the milk and it’s products into harmful soup full of dead, toxic bacterium, that poisons whole organism and destroy alimentary canal. Allergy to milk can end with rapid dead by suffocation or a serious heart, bone, eyes disease and  complications of cornea inflammation is usually reason of milk-drinking. Even ancient Indians knew that the butter from cow milk is toxic and unhealthy, and for consuming they accepted it only after the process of melting called clarifying, during which 1/3-1/2 of whole milk mass is precipitated as toxic pollution and harmful substances, what is easy to image that people consume. It’s characteristic that societies or long-living tribes consume very little amounts of diary products or they don’t consume them at all, preferring only vegetable nutrition! The most milk and it’s products on a person consume Finns and Americans and the most people there have damaged hearts, hurts from the heart and diabetes as well, which is very common among milk-drinkers. Reforming sick and harmful nutrition habits to vegetarianism is absolutely necessary, and when even vegetarians talk about drinking milk it’s a little addition to basic nutrition, and usually from animals different than cows. If we say to feed the children with milk, it’s about feeding with the milk of mother, which even after 4th or 5th year of living is nothing bad, because in this case too much it’s better than too less!

Obligatory feeding school age children with cow milk and it’s products condemn them to many unnecessary diseases and hurts, especially allergic group of children which is about 20-40% in different societies. And Old Polish culture said that the healthiest kind of milk is sour milk, and remnants after making clarified butter or cream for cakes was always given to animals as a fodder and not to humans! Millions of people hurt from osteoporosis symptoms, heart weakening, diabetes, and hard stages of depression, which frequent cause is excessive consumption of milk products. Insulin-dependence of diabetes, ears inflammation, tonsillitis, bronchitis, diseases of respiratory system, heart attacks and sclerosis are drastically treated by limiting or total rejecting all diary products from the cow! Harmful influence of cow milk, worsen by pasteurization and preservatives revealed for people of West Dr Max Bircher- Benner, the pioneer of dietetics in second half of XIX age and this is knowledge that Switzerland has to give to the Europe, instead of harmful advertisements of poisoning Milk. White death is white sugar, white flour, white salt and white milk, four basic poisons of contemporary world. Harmful poisons for most of people, which every man would avoid. Live people in good health!

Himalaya Master

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