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MÚSICA – CD. Sukha Sutra - la Consciencia de la Prosperidad
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Cada persona necesita encontrar su propósito en la vida y la esencia de existir. La falta de propósitos y el desconocimiento de nuestra existencia pasa a ser la causa de muchas crisis nerviosas, depresiones o incluso suicidios. Desde el comienzo de la existencia humana Maestros orientales han recomendado la introspección en uno mismo, si conoces tu Ego y  Alma comprendes tu papel y lugar en la sociedad a la vez que inicias la búsqueda del sentido de la vida. ¿Quién soy yo? ¿A donde voy? ¿De donde vengo?

Every man dreams of Happiness, Love and Well-Being, usually to such an extent that, when he reaches love and seems to be Happy, his dreams gain on strength and intensity even more. It is so, because deep inside every human being, inside Ego, Soul, the aspiration to gaining higher Happiness and higher Love  is on record. And a human does not remain contented with that, what actually should make him happy in material sphere...

Thousands, possibly millions of people in the contemporary world wonder how to overcome the strong feeling of alienation or isolation. How to overcome solitude, open their Hearts and find new Friends and new Love in their Lives. However solitude has many causes and could be understood in the life of each man separately, because the causes of solitude depends on matching effective methods of overcoming it.

Millions of people dream about longevity, about long life, but there are many various causes for leading maximal healthy and long life on this Earth, and many of them were repeated by Sages and Prophets for thousands of years, now accepted and repeated by honest scientists in each age. Nutrition, emotional peace and respecting some eternal Rights of Nature gives a picture of elementary basis of long and healthy life...

Vegetarian Healthy Nutrition was from thousands of years and is till this day significantly healthier dietetic option for humanity than carnivorousness and omnivorous ness also called as mixed nutrition. Even today governmental agencies and experts of health service convince people to eat less products of animal origin, and more vegetables, seeds, fruits and leguminous plants. It’s a sign of every progressive medicine of human countenance and of every humanitarian governing, that they promote healthy, vegetarian and based on plant products nutrition...

Human organisms are mainly adapted to eating vegetable food, and animal supplements are bearable in minor amounts, and lead to various illnesses because of eating things like mammals, fish or birds meat. In the world of very industrial civilization there is another problem – chemically processed, preserved, pasteurized and radioactively irradiated food, which in any way can be qualified as natural and healthy. Vegetarianism is above all healthy nutrition, holistic, eaten in natural shape without poisoning chemical preservatives or submitted to very harmful technologies of converting...

Gold division of Triangle and Rectangle is for sure one of the most hermetic and fascinating fields that refer to Holy Architecture serving to Good Health, Happiness and Welfare of a human. The essence of Gold Division of Rectangle is arrangement of rooms and building houses in the space of Gold Rectangle, and it the most simple presentation it’s the proportion of width to length of a land or a room in 2:3 or 3:5 scale and more and more precisely according Finabocci sequence...

A man needs the philosophy of life, finding the sense of living, not a stiff dogma of thoughtless character, that’s why in the field of internal knowledge everything should be explained with the purpose of leading people to deepening Understanding, Comprehending. Meditation influences positively the human brain and nervous system and neutralises all anger, fear or dread, and that is a basis of effective functioning of a human in contemporary world...

MAITRI, MUDHITA, KARUNA, UPEKSHA. Human values, humanity, are concise at their basis in four Virtues, which simultaneously are the rules of behaviour. Mystically they refer to four petals of Lotus Root Tank at the very bottom of trunk, which is connected with the womb, reproductions, fragrances or pheromones and with the element of Earth, soil.

Renewing and reforming is phenomenon continuously appearing among human societies similarly as obliteration or a fight of dark forces with the forces of progress. The friction of duality the forces of resistance and protest are very characteristic for civilisation living at the edge, between the worlds of good and evil, but still a human creature by his effort can sometimes rise between the Gods of heaven, in higher, spiritual dimensions of being!

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