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A man needs the philosophy of life, finding the sense of living, not a stiff dogma of thoughtless character, that’s why in the field of internal knowledge everything should be explained with the purpose of leading people to deepening Understanding, Comprehending. Meditation influences positively the human brain and nervous system and neutralises all anger, fear or dread, and that is a basis of effective functioning of a human in contemporary world. Thousands of researches were made on positive influence of meditation to human life and health, so if somebody advises others against meditation practices than he must be a very malicious and socially deleterious character. The most famous titles of world press have already overcame the criminal bans of inquisition and speak loudly about advantages and usefulness of spiritual and esoteric meditations almost in every field of human life. Meditating is totally reasonably called the Art of Living, and it should be particularly introduced to the children, youth and students at school, at least because it improves the concentration, strengthens memory, brings immunity against addictions, improves intelligence and also purifies and liberates from stress, simultaneously causing the feeling of contentment and happiness.

Meditating people, according to all scientific researches, both ancient or contemporary, are much more calm and happy in life than people who don’t meditate at all, and developed intelligence puts meditating people among real cultural-scientific avant-garde of the world. Well, Isaac Newton, Leonard da Vinci or Albert Einstein also with devotion had committed their time to meditation, and than the real scientific progress was possible, the scientific revolution in contemporary world. People who meditate are less susceptible to nervousness, anxiety or shock, they easily bear life storms, crisis or frustration. The most recommended meditation practices, are techniques of counting deepened breaths, what supplies the organism with oxygen, improves and concentrates the work of the mind or meditation practice of visualisation the glitter of light, what also counteracts and prevents from all kinds of depression. Therapy on depression with the help of meditation is much more efficient and cheaper, than using any kinds of medicines, what is obvious since thousands of years in constantly repeated scientific researches, even among different cultures.

Meditations produce positive feelings, mercy, kindness, tranquillity, which don’t suit to people of west Christian civilisation of death, generally deprived of the skill of meditating or even a usual reflection, and so degenerated in it’s character. Daily hour of meditation decreases susceptibility to diseases over 80-90%, or even more if you became skilful in doing it. So generally it could decrease the susceptibility to diseases and the costs on health service in whole world. People who meditate rarely participate in accidents and unhappy events, because simple self-observation, watchfulness and consideration protect human’s life, similarly are sobriety and healthy vegetarian diet-miracle! Everyone who will learn the art of meditating in professional way, preferably from oriental sources, will have only benefits from it in his life, although nobody is totally free from worries and misfortune. Optimism awaken by meditation exercises, even very simple ones, as daily relax with counting breaths enables healing the hardest diseases, increases the chance of healing, even in last stages of cancer, and millions of healed are the living example of this process. In ancient times everyone has dedicated at least one day a Week for ordering his emotions, purifying, clarifying and calming his mind, solving his problems, and the more it is necessary for contemporary people of West, despondent by stress, frustration, rush, alcohol, drugs and sick pseudo-religious dogmas.

Every progressive country in the world introduces already meditation programs of work on personality development to schools or universities and undoubtedly it would be a sign of the progress and civilisation development in the following century! In the future person who don’t meditate at all will be perceived as harmful, socially pathological individuality, exposing the country to health and public costs.

Four bricks that built DNA were described in antiquity as four parts or elements, which build every living, biological cell, and every man because of meditation work can easily learn how to regenerate and revive his body, prevent from diseases, counteract to results of intensive lifestyle, relax appropriately, what is a basis for meditating people. Educational system should take into account the program of Yoga and Meditation for teenagers instead of useless lessons of pseudo-religion dogmas, which because of mass genocide of inquisition wasn’t and is not a moral authority for any normal and psychically healthy man. What’s more, this is a man who often has to liberate from repressions and dogmas coercion of inquisition in previous generations, he must liberate and purifies to be able to be fully a man and develop appropriately.

Strong generation memory remains through 3-4 next generations, and the weaker memory through 7 – 10 generations. So for changing nutrition and mental mistakes of ancestors, you need a lot of work and efforts, but only simple calming down and relaxation in the state of meditation facilitates making any internal changes. The history remembers great people, like Count Cagliostro, who was bestially tormented by Catholic inquisition for his scientific discoveries in the field of chemistry, physics, medicine and biology. He was murdered in Vatican citadel and  torture-room in San Lo, Italy. We, the people, don’t ever forget the prophets of real progress, eminent people in the field of faith and science, and outstanding people devoted to the truth, like Count Cagliostro are real Divine Saints for us, not the popes, who had murdered them. The art of meditation, though is totally scientific, precise knowledge about foresaw results, was always considered as Divine knowledge, Cosmic knowledge, because there are ancient records about contacts of people with different civilisations among the Universe and in higher dimensions of being. And both sorts of existence, one way or another come from Heavens, if we look from our point of view from the Earth. Especially children and youth, teenagers should be well taught the art of meditation, to see how creatively and effectively solve their problems, and above all, to know how to discover the sense and purpose of their individual life and how to find their best place in society.

People longer meditating are in fact totally resistant to all harmful addictions and don’t submit to any psychical of physical ones, so meditation for children and teenagers is a basic source for all therapy and personality development. The brain forms till about 30 year of living, when a men reaches full personal maturity and this fact should be used by promoting all the best, like meditation and vegetarianism among the people who lead their youth and maintain in Brahmacaria period – the best period for intensive internal development! Instead of complaining about children and teens, teach them at least the simplest kinds of meditation, relax, calming down and focusing, so the new generation, well formed, sober and creative could stay by the truth, not a false and harmful dogmas of some degenerated sects of inquisition origin. All you have to remember is charity of meditation in every aspect of human life and creativeness, the charity, which had brought benefits to the best and most eminent people like: Socrates, Avicenna, Lao Tsy, Newton, Einstein, Bohr, Mendeleyev, Gandhi, Luther, King, Pythagoras, Ovid us, Tolstoy, Vivekananda, Bodhidharma, Jesus, Buddha, Zaratusthra, Henoch, Rose Luxemburg, Galileo, Bohme, Shakespeare and millions others!

Rest intensively, relax during more and more deeper and more intensive meditations, and you will receive more benefits and success in every aspects of life. Without art of meditation it’s impossible to heal about a half of all diseases, from which humanity suffers, because the healing usually depends of vegetarian diet, drinking clear pure water, relaxation and focusing, producing positive thoughts and feelings, and it all make proper Meditation! Be good, you people, and healthy, creative, fill the world with peace, brotherhood and humanity.

Himalaya Master

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