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Every single man needs to find out the purpose and sense of living, for himself. The lack of life-purposes and the feeling of nonsensical existence becomes the cause of many crises, nervous breakdowns, depressions or even suisaids. From the very beginning of human existence Oriental Masters have recommended the searching within one’s Self, Ego or Soul, leading to an understanding of the individual role or place in society and the essence of searching for the sense of life. Who am I? Where am I going? Where do I come from? – these are the Three Great Questions that the ancients, contemporary Sages and Pundits have offered people - for careful consideration, reflections, afterthoughts and meditation. It only needs us to draw a few deep breaths, focus and to empathise with oneself, with the one's own body, the own soul and then it is only to keep within one of these scrutinising and inquiring questions. At the same time to  observe  one's own reactions from thoughts, feelings, associations, reminiscences and visualisations. It is important to spend at least a few minutes a day for learning about ourselves and trying to inquire into the essence of oneself over a period of a few or more years to discover the deepest targets and the life sense of our pilgrimage. Who am I? – The very basic question, a kind of reflection. And the answer will crystallise certainly for the most persistent, after some attempts and experiments. It is recommended to jot down each day the most interesting reflections in order to sum up our way of knowing ourselves.

We should not be satisfied with simple, quick and trivial answers, nor with the common platitudes, which will certainly appear at the beginning, but should patiently bore into and explore the depth of our own individuality. We are not restricted by any sex, age, profession, race or religion. As living existences, Souls or Selfs, we can deeply penetrate the internal truth about ourselves, but still it is a kind of reflection and meditation, well known by each Indo-European nation, including Slavs. When you are lying, lie straight on your back, with hands and legs spread loose. And if you sit, do it with a straight back as well. Sit straight, firmly and stable and in order to be aware of your internal essence close your eyes and just feel yourself in your body! The best body position for contemplating and meditation is sitting-kneeling (the Japanese way) or cross-legged sitting with your legs rolled up (the Turkish way of sitting). Both ways of sitting, accepted  as natural, have a good influence on health, the heart, the improvement of circulation and relaxation. The people affected by illnesses are usually very stiff and inflexible though, so they must try to get used to these ways of sitting during reflection or meditation. The great questions are studied as a kind of inquiring into oneself by Christian mystics in monasteries, by adepts of Zen Buddhism, meditating yogis and performers in the Zarathustra tradition. Realising oneself the essence of one's own nature, the answer of who we are and where the human Soul or Ego goes, liberates us from many problems like shyness, lack of confidence, anxiety, feelings of disorientation, guilt and inadequacy. It liberates us fro our problems and sets us right, in an appropriate role, appropriate job, relation, mission and in ideal time and company. Destiny stops interrupting and starts helping only if a man becomes himself, which means to be who he really is, and fulfils himself spontaneously!

A Master, the Wise Man or even a Clairvoyant could actually point out or suggest to a man his role and place, his tasks to do and targets to aim at in life, but what a poor benefit  that will be, if a person is not faithful enough, does not trust enough to believe in it all. That is why true Sages would rather help somebody to get to know how to make this effort of self-recognition and self-understanding than to inform somebody about individual aims of a soul. We practice the system of guidance, we point the direction and make a description of a place you  have to get to. But a man has to face the difficulty of practice to get it. A Master gives certain general knowledge, that makes constant questioning oneself about: "Who I really am" - leading to better fate an a constant harmony in life. Also it relieves a person from depressions, breakdowns and all pessimistic instincts caused by the feeling of hopelessness, which are really very common. A person that understands himself can also make right decisions quickly, which are always profitable in life!

Karma(n) is nothing else but a coincidence, a tangle of conditionings, which cause certain, usually unexpected consequences. One of the possibilities of a complete analysis, the research of oneself is to realise how former desires, thoughts, fears or reflections influence our present human life. Nowadays predenstination usually results from the tangle of former causes, decisions, habits, desires, one's upbringing and acquired knowledge. Especially childhood dreams or fantasies can significantly influence one's adult living decisions, choices and many life situations. Many people do not associate these probable causes with further results. Who can remember his dreams, visions or desires from ten or more years back? Who makes an analysis of the tangle of conditionings, decisions or movements? Inquiring the nature of who we are is of course connected with the influence that parents have, since they always form a child’s mind according to their will and beliefs. But a human soul does not have to suffer from a parent’s mistakes, misdeeds or sins. Everyone can be free from this.

The process of healing chronic illness is usually connected to realising oneself everything that could be the simultanous reason that caused the pathological condition, taking into consideration the factors which happen to be one's own mistakes, bad style of living, inappropriate behavior or bad thoughts! Even if a healer suggests probable reasons, one has to observe one's self deeply in order to  penetrate the layers of one's memory through many years or  decades to verify the real causes and states of present reactions. Self-realising the former causes, usually brings a relief. The positive suggestions of a therapist or self suggestions help to erase from within  and ease the tension of accumulated psychic energy of emotions, thoughts, desires, fears, anger, sorrow and all bad memories! The usual causes of pathological states and suffering are not awful experiences but just everyday false beliefs, for which we have fought with full emotional commitment. Misticizm calls believing in false doctrines as a form of mental cancer. Such dogmas we gain at school during history lessons, or we are taught by parents or wrong religious beliefs or even political lies. The mental leprosy, gangrene or cancer, which we call the false beliefs or doctrines, can be and usually are the important cause of very real physical illnesses. A release from false opinions usually causes the miracle of healing, a sudden, spontanenous resignation of illness, a self-healing!

Both when searching for Enlightenment, and more pragmatic, when searching for healing, the methods of exploring oneself, self-analysis and questioning "Who am I?" , become very profitable and helpful. The liberation from the feeling of senselessness of life, if for many people a kind of milestone ahead in life. Is a step that liberates from thoughts of suicide and destructive tendencies, which often can lead to self-extermination both as a result of addictions and accidents, not only by conventional ways of committing suicide! The method of observation within one's self is addressed to everybody, no matter the age, who losing way in life, does not know what to do now. It is addressed to every person that had experienced a kind of crisis in  life. The three great questions: "Who am I?", "Where do I go?", "Where do I come from?" are recommended. These are like three jewels or treasures within all questions that a human can ask himself during the process of realising the depth of his nature - out of time and space! What is important, is the thinking process. While repeating these questions and listening to one's inner voice, observe the feeling, emotions and impressions.The way of Enlightenment starts by deepening one's understatnding, intuition, self- realisation,  relationship to the environment and also experience beyond the physical!

Adhikāra is the most important aim in life, the most significant sense of life, is the mission of a human on Earth and the exploration and execution of your Great Aim in life, means total fulfilment of yourself - total Self Realisation. Although many are searching, only a few go away from this Earth with a feeling of complete fulfilment and well-lived life as wholeness. According to mystics, death is a kind of summary, a review of the wholeness of life. And the High Spirit assesses everybody, either good or bad. Adhi means that which is highest and enlightened, and  Kāra means exercising, practice, so the fulfilment of life is just the Highest Practice for every human, for each human Soul. Woe betide those who do not recognise this and miss their vocation, because they lose themselves and separate from their Souls. Constantly they create darkness and bad luck!

Himalaya Master

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