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WE WARMLY INVITE everyone to take part in evening sessions of Transmission Meditation and Laya Yoga in the UK (also in Poland and Spain).

BOURNEMOUTH: Transmission Meditation & Laya Yoga. The 1.5 hour ongoing evening classes take place every Thursday from 7 pm to 8.30 pm. For more information please call 077 1557 0403 or email: laya-yoga@himalaya-tirtha.org

PLYMOUTH: Transmission Meditation & Laya Yoga. The 1.5 hour ongoing evening classes take place every Thursday from 8 pm to 9.30 pm. For more information please call 078 6225 9946 or email: marici1008@gmail.com

Chakras – The Spiritual Duty

When the energies of Aquarius start to arouse our hearts and when we start to contact our higher aspect, which is the Soul, we feel a new, hard to define, impulse. When the impulse grows, it leads us to contacts with people and situations where it can be used. The impulse, created on the Soul level, is called the duty, unselfish, public, social work. It is a great activity, which will develop in the New Age of Aquarius. The duty of New Age (Transmission Meditation) is the strongest, when it is fulfilled in a group. The spirituality knows the fact that a group can send much more energy than a separate person. Transmission Meditation offers a unique possibility to serve the humankind through cooperation with other people that live nearby.

Transmission Meditation is a specialist form of group meditation in which the participants offer themselves (their chakras – energetic centers) as instruments for lowering (transforming) their potential spiritual energies coming from the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters (they are human brothers, leading and monitoring our evolution). In this way, they provide our planet with the energies that transform our world and become more accessible and useful for humankind as well as other natural kingdoms. According to a British esoteric specialist and international lecturer, Benjamin Crème, Transmission Meditation is the most important job that groups can do in a modern world. It does not oppose to any other forms of meditation, which you might be practicing. In fact, it will strengthen your personal meditations and other activities and duties. It must be remembered that a transmission group is not a place for individual advice, channeling messages, contacting the astral plan or angels, guards etc., and, actually, such things should be avoided. It is simply giving oneself to the duty of repairing the human world. Still, the side effect of such an unselfish deed is accelerated spiritual development of its participants. What personal meditation can improve in twenty years’ time, regular and proper transmission work can achieve in much shorter time – from one to three years.

Transmission meditation

Meditation is, depending on its kind, a more or less scientific method of getting in touch with one’s own soul and, as a result, uniting with it. This is the proper goal of every meditation. As opposed to many other kinds, Transmission Meditation attracts only those people who wish to serve. Such a need is visible only when the contact with your soul is established to some extent. It happens so because it is the divine soul that wants to serve the others. Your physical body, which we all can see, is a carrier of a soul on this plan. But, in fact, humanity is a soul, intelligent spiritual creature on a higher plan. The goal of meditation is tuning our physical brain and personality on a physical plan with the soul in such a way that the carrier can gradually fill up with energy and characteristics of a divine soul.

The Masters of Wisdom have huge spiritual energies. The biggest part of their work concerns spreading the energies around the world. The goal of the masters is to fulfill the Plan of evolution foreseen for our planet. A lot of the energies come from the universe and if they were sent directly to the Earth they would bounce back from people because their frequency is too high. Transmission Meditation Groups (TMG) serve as mid-stops. Masters and God’s Angels send spiritual energies through chakras of the group participants. In this way the energies are automatically transformed and, as a result, they are more accessible and useful for the progress of humankind. Then masters direct them to those places on Earth where they are most needed.

Energies coming from the Hierarchy, from Christ – Maitreya and Masters are conditioned by the features of these energies and by the concentration of the Masters’ minds which send these energies. They know where, in what proportions and to what extent these energies are most successful to evoke the needed effect. That is why, we should not, on the basic level of working on Transmission, try to send them to any person, group or country that could make a good use of it according to us. Transmission of energy on this level is a very precise scientific process. Only the Hierarchy knows how to spread it. It is enough for us to be the transmitting stations.

There are thousands of transmission groups in the world, but only a few hundreds are open to the beginning souls. The participants meet at a specific time on chosen days, which are most convenient to the whole group. It can be once, twice or thrice a week. The participants of the meeting say aloud the Great Invocation, which was delivered to the people of the West in 1945 by Maitreya, The Redeemer – Kalkin and which gave humankind the access to the technique of invoking the energy that can change the world and prepare us for his coming. Owing to this recitation of the formula and concentration, in chakra adŸna (the third eye between eyebrows) a transmission line is opened between the meditation group and the Hierarchy of Masters. By means of this line the masters transmit their energies. These are the spiritual powers which are currently changing the face of the world. Maitreya – Christ stimulates for example the flow of energy onto the world – and suddenly the politicians claim, virtually from day to day, that they can talk to each other, cooperate, they agree to compromises, they reach agreements. Suddenly the leaders of great countries, which have been in opposition for ages, can sit down together at a table and negotiate a peaceful solution. In this way the Masters of Wisdom and their transmission groups serve the world. Duty, Seva, allows for a passage from a simple contact with one’s own soul to cooperating with the community of souls, the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters.

The Duty of New Age – the Age of Aquarius is the strongest when it is performed in a group. It is a well-known fact that a group can send much more energy than a person meditating in separation. Transmission Meditation offers a unique possibility to serve humankind by cooperating with other people from your neighborhood. The more meditating people in a given country, the more spiritual transmission groups, the better governments and more peaceful, stable development of a given country. The less spiritual practitioners with the spiritual light, the bigger unrest, poverty, crime and corruption. Spiritual meditations in countries such as Poland can be called a dissident activity, whose goal is to purify the whole government machine and the lower elements of the society by means of a strong and united spiritual influence!

Master Djwhal Khul about Meditation and Duty
(According to Alicia Bailey):

The Students and the initiated learn (through meditations) the techniques by means of which God’s mind, the universal mind, which is the process of planetary thinking logos can be noted down and recorded. You have to learn to give a wider meaning to the word “meditation” than you have given to it so far. Meditation means being open to the impressions and spiritual impulses, which is cooperation with the Hierarchy of Masters.

Hierarchy’s method of work is impression on minds of its students, work in which the Master is a transmitter and the Student – a receiver of the impression and spiritual energy.

The need of modern world has never been so great and the responsibility of those who tread on the students’ path is equally deep, true and urgent... We need the ones who will look for a close contact with their souls and with us – who are currently the leaders of the human race.

On this day of a sudden need and the developing opportunity, let all the spiritual students make their decisions to offer all they have in order to help humankind. An important moment has come and I summon all of you, who I am trying to help, to join the efforts of the great masters. They are working day and night to relieve the humankind. I am offering you the opportunity and I am telling you that you are needed – even those smallest among you. I ensure you that the groups of students working together and with deep unbreakable love to each other can achieve significant results.

Meditations of the Triangles of Light

In case when forming a group or joining a group on the physical plan is not possible, creating a meditation triangle with two other people gives an opportunity to take part in this form of duty, although it is not on the same level of power. A triangle is a group of three people who join together in thoughts for some time of creative meditation. They do not have to live in the neighborhood and the time of this work does not have to be synchronized although a meeting of three people in one place and time is a stronger form of practice. Because the links of the triangle will be built of the mental substance, they can be revitalized even when only one participant does that spiritual job.

Working in a Triangle is simple. Join mentally with the other participants. Then say aloud (if it is possible, if not – whisper) the Great Invocation. See your triangle joined to all the other triangles and to transmission meditation groups on the Earth. See the white light circulating in the network of a focal point and spreading round the world, in order to help the stream of Light and Love to embrace the whole humanity. Through the method of triangles a network of Light and Good Will is created, which spreads throughout the whole planet. That network delivers necessary fibers of the enlightened mental substance through which the spiritual energy may flow. Working in triangles is a worthy duty and can be performed together with Transmission Meditation.

Spiritual greenhouse

During Transmission Meditation Groups the energetic centers (chakras) are aroused as much as in no other meditation. Within three years of constant concentrated transmission meditation one can progress as much as within 10 to 15 years of individual meditation. Transmission Meditation is a “spiritual greenhouse”, a process speeding up the whole evolution. The duty changes a human being a lot. Most people notice positive changes in themselves and the surroundings after 6 months to one year. They see they are becoming different, better people, that they live better and can show love better, and that their way of thinking is active and more creative. They say they are more disciplined, decisive and persistent at work. They see the other participants of a group become more radiant, honest, fair and also gentle, more tender and heartwarming, in other words – more spiritual. Many people get spontaneously cured during Transmissions of Light. The technique of this meditation is very simple and everybody who is over twelve can do it. Everything we need to do during the Transmission Meditation is focusing on chakra AdŸña (between the eyebrows). It happens very often that people with disturbed minds cannot concentrate on this chakra. In such a case it is enough to intonate mantra OM or to call the word Om in mind and the concentration will come back to the chakra. Intonations of OM – the Word of Spiritual Power is recommended only as a preparation to deeper spiritual work and as curing the disturbed minds of the modern humankind. At the moment of focusing on the center, the link between the brain and the spirit is created. Energy is sent from the level on which masters usually work, from the soul level, or more exactly from the Buddhi level. Transmission takes place when the link is maintained. I ensure you that there is no more powerful duty to humankind which is at the same time so simple and uses so little effort. You will not find any method of personal development as easy and as far-reaching in results. If you think that Transmission Meditation is good for you, you will find a way to serve the others, which will be with you till the end of this life and through all the others.

The universal game of numbers

People very often think how big influence they can have on any given situation as individuals. Think about the following information: as it was mentioned before the basic element of work on transmitting the energy is one triangle made of three people. Adding one more person to this basic level, the number of the possible triangles gets higher – to four. Adding two more people, creating together a group of five people, it will make ten triangles. If every of the people brings a friend to the group there will be twenty triangles. Seven people make thirty five triangles. Eight people make fifty six triangles; nine is eighty four and ten people make one hundred and twenty triangles! The more people in a group, the bigger difference you make by you presence or absence! Uniting the souls in the Light of Spirit is the basic spiritual practice of the higher Enlightened humanities! It can be said that each of your absences in a group of Transmission of Light turns against the humanity as a whole! It is easy to imagine how huge the energetic-spiritual potential of the humankind could be if all the people concentrated on work in Transmission Meditation Groups!  

Bridge Building – Viraat

The transmission groups and triangles are links between the Spiritual Hierarchy of Masters and Saint Angels and the Students, Chela, working on the outer plan. They help to build a Bridge from the humankind to the spiritual kingdom. There will always be the need for such work to help humanity use the possibility which is given by the spiritual presence of Christ, Maitreya (Messiah – Kalkin) among us. It is a duty in which we can be working till the end of life, knowing that we are helping with the great change leading to the coming of New Aquarius Age of Being.

Performing Light Transmission Meditation

In order to transmit energy no special skill is needed. What is needed is only a link between the physical brain and the soul, which is the higher self (Atman, Purusha). All the people that meet in groups to have Transmission Meditation should leave their problems and troubles of the day behind and concentrate on passing the light to the others. People, the participants of the meditations meeting together, should feel quiet and calm inside, they should not talk about any unpleasant, disturbing subjects that could cause any argument. Sitting down to start meditations everybody relaxes their bodies – everybody does it in a way they feel is best for them. Then, the host of the house or of the group or any other person leading the meditation calls everybody to begin intonating aloud, together with all the participants, the word OM (AUM) three or seven times and then everybody reads or recites from memory the Great Invocation. After reading it, one of the participants can, in order to make the flowing energies come faster, read aloud one of the messages of Maitreya, Christ or Himalaya Master, since they are highly energetic.

The other participants at that moment will have their eyes closed and they will focus on the AdŸña point. After reading one of the messages the reader turns off the dazzling electric lights and the proper meditation begins. All the participants of the meditations focus on the AdŸña point. The leader of the meditations has the duty to call every 15 to 20 minutes all the participants to keep focused on the AdŸña point. He/she should say e.g.: “We are concentrated on the AdŸña point. We intonate in our minds the vibrating word OM”. Every participant calls to his AdŸña point (between eyes on the brow level) the word OM, visualizing it in mind. It is a very important element of meditations because a lot of people, after some time of meditations, concentrate on lower points, on the astral-mental level around the solar plexus, while the right Transmission Meditation is situated on a higher mental level which is Budhi. Please remember about that!

Transmission Mediation should last at least 1 hour, and it is even better to meditate 2 or 3 hours. Of course the length of meditation should grow with the growth of the skills. Please remember that an hour of meditation, muhurta, is exactly the same as a round of 48 minutes of meditation. After finishing the meditations, the leader repeats thrice with the group the word: SHANTI (ŒAANTIH). If the Ceremony of Spiritual Curing is performed, the leader says: “And now we will beg the Masters of Wisdom for help in curing the people who asked us for it”. And starting from himself/herself he/she says e.g.: Please cure my wife Anna and my daughter Eva etc. Such a formula is enough. A name and a surname should be said, but the age, date or place of birth or the name of the illness that the given person suffers from are not necessary. Each of the speakers closes his request with a word HUNG (HUM) or Amen, which is the sign of passing the initiative to another person. The request for help ends when the right to speaking will return to the leader of the meditations. That is the end of the meditations. Everybody stands up and goes back home.

It is very important to speak little after the meditations in order to have time for normalizing of all the chakras, through which energies from the higher universal plans have flown.

The Great Invocation

    From the point of Light in God’s mind
    Let the Light flow down onto people’s minds.
    Let the Light come down onto the Earth!||
    From the point of Love in God’s heart
    Let the Love flow down into people’s hearts.
    Let Kalkin come down to the Earth!||
    From the place where God’s Will is known
    Let Intention lead little will of people
    Intention which is known by masters who serve it!||
    From the place called by us human Race
    Let the plan of Love and Light emerge
    Sealing the gates where evil lives!||
    Let Light, Love and Power give the plan back to the Earth!||

The Great Invocation was passed onto the people by Kalkin Maitreya, for the first time in June 1945 in order to give human beings a Chance to call the energies that can change the world and make the comeback of Kalkin – Maitreya, Christ and The Spiritual Hierarchy possible. The Great Invocation is a spiritual, very powerful prayer and it should be preceded with a vibration Om. By saying that, every transmitting group can invoke the energy of Kalkin – Christ and the Masters and, serving as an instrument, it will let the energies of the Holy Spirit flow through  the chakras in a simple and knowledgeable way. It is a planetary prayer, not sponsored by any other groups or political sect. We strongly encourage you to say that and encourage other people to do that in the name of the whole mankind, in this way introducing the good will and creating good neighborhood approach among the whole humankind.

What is happening during the
Transmission of Spiritual Light?

The Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom directs pure energies from the spiritual plans through chakras (the energetic centers) of the members of the group down to the mental levels, where they become more accessible to the people. The group literally serves as “the access point” for these energies, to make them reach the humankind and improve the development of humanity. These energies are conditioned by the focused minds of the masters who send them and who exactly know where and in what proportions and strength they are most needed to achieve the proper results. A group should not send the energy to any person, group or country where they think the presence of spiritual energies could be used. The exception to the rule are of course the meetings in which people ask for curing or meditating for peace. The Guru Chakra Center on the top of the head has 12 petals and it is so called upper heart through which the energy of spirit and pulse of Universe goes down from the consciousness of the Masters of Hierarchy of God’s Wisdom. The Third Eye, Ajna (AdŸña) is a place of transforming the power of a higher spirit into voltage and volume proper for the people who currently inhabit the Earth. The OM (AUM) syllable is a seminal sound, BidŸa Mantra in the centre of the Third Eye and a great tool for spiritual concentration and focus in God and Spirit. It is enough that we act as positive, balanced, mental lines through which the energies can be sent in a knowledgeable way. Opposing to other forms of meditation the Transmission Meditation Group is totally under control of the Masters, Guru. They are experts and they will not send through your centres more energy that you can safely accept and conduct. There is one condition – children under the age of 12 should not take part in a transmission group because their energetic centres are not developed enough and it could hurt them, although there are exceptions to this rule if a child is Advahuta – God’s Incarnation.

Laya Yoga – Transmission Meditation Group

Laya Yoga as a whole is a vehicle of spirituals growth coming from the spiritual traditional Line of succession called Himalaya (Parvata Tirtha), it is a gift of the Wisemen from the mountains and it includes the wisdom of the Great Spirit of Mountain – the Himalaya Master. Laya Yoga is an original source of Transmission Meditation as well as Meditation of the Triangles. The Great Ryshi (Sages) cultivate that path of absorbing the Grace of Guru. The Master ŒIWA called the Master of Yogis and his spouse Goddess PARVATI called the Guard of Tantra are on the beginning of the whole line of tradition succession of Himalaya. The practice of Laya Yoga involves huge amount of contemplating the beauty of nature and a number of mysteries connected with angels – the spirits of nature. The very first angel of God, guarding the harmony of life in nature and developing all forms of life, is Rudradeva. We should remember that most healings happen through opening the heart to the curing powers of the spirit that is called nature. Everything that God created is good for us, he did not create anything bad. That is why, yoga trainings of harmonizing with the natural powers do us good, and are a good, often the only one, God’s medicament.

Every natural kingdom develops in an answer to the energy which it gets from a kingdom situated directly above its sphere of existence. Every kingdom grows out of a kingdom which is situated below its sphere of existence. The kingdom of plants has grown, as the Masters of Laya Tantra teach, out of the kingdom of minerals. The kingdom of animals has grown out of the kingdom of plants. The kingdom of people has grown out of the kingdom of animals. Out of the kingdom of people grows a spiritual kingdom, which is, in Christian terms, the Kingdom of God,  Malkutakh. The spiritual kingdom is something that has always existed behind the wings of our lives, unknown to the most of us. It consists of the Masters of Wisdom and the initiated people, who are ahead of us in terms of development, and, as far as the Masters are concerned, they have come to the end of the evolutionary experience on this planet. The Masters are here to serve the plan of evolution of human beings and other kingdoms. They are the guards of all the energies flowing down onto our planet. The strong universal energies come from all the places in space and hit against the Earth, but the people do not know about them and cannot do anything with them. The Masters of Wisdom, Ryshi, do important work with these energies, they balance them and send them to the world in order to help developing the humankind. The humankind develops through absorbing the spiritual energies and that is also the process of Laya Yoga. All the changes, the personal ones as well as the worldly ones result from human reactions to the great spiritual powers. Most of the people cannot see the energies but they exist despite that and they act through people. People react to the divine energies by changing themselves, creating new structures and making personal, social and international decisions.

The term Layah means fusion, smelting, association but also melting, solving all the conditions and limits which appear as a result of various events and experiences that take place during the whole human life. The Transmission Meditation Group gives a great chance and possibility to purify deeply and unite, truly unite hearts and minds serving the humankind. The barriers of a conditioned life are gradually melting, until the soul can see the enlightening dawn of freedom and redemption (Kaivalyam). Layah means to absorb or to dissolve the little “I” in a  Universal Holy Spirit, in a higher “I” of Godly Masters of Spiritual Hierarchy. Yoga, in other words, is unity or reconciliation. Laya Yoga is reconciliation through dissolving. It can be said: Yoga of absorbing dissolution in God’s Spirit. All the elements of teachings and practices of Yoga can be found on the path of Laya Yoga in the tradition of Himalaya. This path includes also the so called “Mystery of Four Step Laya Yoga”. It is a practice of aspirants of the Swami Order who completed the work of Seven Vehicles towards the Great Spirit. The path of Laya Yoga can be started through Four Pillars of Practice, the so called Laya Vajra.

These are the basic pillars of this Yoga:

1. Vairagya – it is freedom from emotions and conditions; not attaching, freeing; 2. Abhyasa – it is a constant regular practice, the self of heart; 3. Shraddha – it is a faith and faithfulness, trust and trustworthiness; 4. Virya – it is the Power, strength, energy and vigor!

As it is easy to notice, the spiritual freedom is a fundament of esoteric spiritual trainings from the very basis of Laya Yoga, from the very basis of Transmission Meditations. The highest class of yoga Kaivalya Pada is also the path of freedom, the path of redemption from the necessity of incarnations and karma conditions. Laya Yoga frees you from all kinds of enslavement, especially form the urban enslavement that takes place in dark para-religious movements, which can easily become mass and social movements. Redemption, freedom, the spiritual freedom is the alpha and omega of Laya Yoga. Any training discipline is only a means to improve the mind, body, transformation of emotions, purify the magazine of subconsciousness, and, as a result, to achieve spiritual enlightenment and Freedom. There are many kinds of spiritual energies which have many different characteristics, known under many different names. One is called the Will the other Love, which is a magnetic power keeping atoms and material together and which joins human individuals. The goal of human evolution is to become closely connected with the energy of God’s love and show it in one’s own life as clearly and correct as we today show the energy which we call knowledge. The promise of the forthcoming age of Aquarius is that for the first time in written history of humankind the whole humankind will become one body demonstrating the Life and Power, whose expression is Unity. In reality, there is nothing such as a separate Soul or higher Self since the Soul is in fact a part of God, the Holy Archspirit. We, as human beings, are individualized parts of one Supersoul, which is perfect and which is a reflection of what we call God, of the reality in which we exist, move and which is Logos (Brahmanda) of the planet Earth.


Himalaya Swami

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