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1. The Age of Aquarius is a well known issue which is taught by the esoteric astrology, magic and the movements associated with the New Age. For some people, however, it's difficult to understand that this time of progress and development of psychotronics comes very slowly, measured in the time scale of many generations, and the full transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius can last even 400 earthy years. The twilight of the Age of Pisces is the whole tumultuous twentieth century and the twenty-first century, and only the twenty second century will be the real beginning of the Age of Aquarius. Calculation of the precession cycle and the domination of the signs of zodiac in this time is a complex issue, but it can be done better thanks to the computational technologies of the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, which has already started. The sages associate some signs of the twilight of the Age of Pisces with the abolition of slavery and the fall of brutal colonialism, with the speech of the Master Vivekananda in 1896 on the conference about integrity of religion in America, with the progress in technology and space exploration. The appearance of the Divine Guru, Vivekananda Master, in America and search for the Masters of Wisdom from the East by millions of people opens the Gates to the Water of Life poured from the Goblet by the mystic personification of the Angel of the Age of Aquarius. When people begin to look for authentic Guru, Masters of Wisdom and try to follow their spiritual teaching with dedication, undoubtedly, we are facing the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, whose main feature is United Humanity following the teachings and scientifically recognized indications of the divine incarnation of Masters, Saints and Prophets. Observing the humanitarian unification tendencies among people, we can see the manifestations of the typical Aquarian strength and power. During the transitional period the reactionary forces of the previous century are visible, they are based on nationalism, the rule of despots and tyrants, they fight feuding nations and religions, blinded by arrogance of racism and xenophobia. Gradually, the dark qualities of the Pisces Age and its emotional blindness will give way to the spiritual and humanitarian rationalism of the Age of Aquarius.

2. The groundbreaking year 2012 as the date of the entry of humanity into Aquarius appears to be a borderline of time, when the tendencies of Pisces begin to disappear, and the European wars concerning the whole worlds marked the beginning of the Age, but after the tragic nightmare, the end of karma’s gruesome manifestation was clearly noticeable, though it was only another sign of the dawn of what is the dream of good people. The beginning of the Aquarian Age can only be noticed by a very precise and meticulous person, making the calculation of precession cycle, of revolving the Earth axis around the stars, and calculating the moment of entry of the Earth axis into the firmament of Aquarius, which pours the Water of Life over thirsty humanity. This symbol vividly shows gaining the power to prolong human life, make it longer than it is now: 60, 70 years. A man can prolong his/her life for many years by practicing deep abdominal breathing, eating healthy vegetarian food, breathing with clean air, learning and discovering new things constantly. The hunger for knowledge can prolong life to 10 - 15 years as well as breathing exercises, walking in nature, free and focused running like jogging, or a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables and their derivatives. The natural methods of yoga can easily prolong an average life to 84 or 120 years, but with the capabilities of the genetic medicine, the limit is 360 years of existence in a human body, and such opportunities will appear when the Age of Aquarius is strengthened. Surgery will base on the technologies of light and their still undiscovered derivatives, on the verge of which the whole humanity is. Acceleration of uniting many countries in a superstate, and then uniting all the humankind, without national and racial borders will open the gates to contacts with other civilizations in the universe, which now only observe the current development of humanoid mankind which is still fragmented and dismembered.

3. The increase in the number of famous Masters of Wisdom, Gurus as well as the increase in the amount of their regular, fully devoted Students, is one of very important signs of strengthening the Age of Aquarius, the same as the synergetic religiousness over faiths and denominations which is manifesting now. The Age of Aquarius in the rays of its dawn is the quantitative reduction of selfishness and fanaticism, which are gradually being replaced by a selfless social service, devotion to God and Guru, sacrifice for the Supreme Good and similar humanitarian attitudes! Fanaticism is an ideological manifestation of extreme selfishness, supported by arrogance, pride and sick possessiveness, while Guru and Aquarius Students prefer working full of dedication to the Common Good and future generations of spiritual students. The Aquarius Light coming from the Universe will gradually dissolve all the morbid tendencies of egoists, opening them to the spiritual work for the good of all humanity, for the good of all the Kingdoms of Nature and for the protection of the Creatures. The Age of Aquarius is known as the Little Golden Age of human history, the Golden Age of progress and prosperity based on spiritual values such as Ahimsa, Truth, Honesty and Serving the Living Divine. Fight for Human Rights is the ray of the Age of Aquarius, the ray which you should carefully take care of, since Ahimsa is the foundation of ethics and morality necessary for the spiritual growth of humanity. The fight for the rights of the oppressed and suffering is always a good cause, even if it means struggle against the police, authorities or the dictatorship of corrupt oligarchy. Heroes, Spiritual Heroes, are those who fight effectively and till the end for protection of the right, great issues and ideas, for protection of human rights and living in health and freedom, protection of freedom of speech, and against censorship and despotism.

4. The ancient Masters of Wisdom, Avatars learned that nobody deserves a life in Heaven, who does not make any heroic efforts for a good cause, for the benefit to other creatures, brothers. The Dawn of Aquarius is the collective effort of good people to transform the planet into an oasis of silence, peace, beauty, truth and love, into an oasis of prosperity and  of scientific-technical progress, based on esoteric as well as scientific knowledge. The Entry into the Age of Aquarius is characterized by a growing opposition of people of good will, effective opposition to the tyranny of political power based on the oligarchy and imperialism, which manifests in the movements of non-violent passive resistance or refusal to cooperate with the institutions of the criminal dictatorial, usurper type based on exploitation. You could say that the true dawn of the Age of Aquarius is the end of the fiscal oppression and the tax exploitation based on compulsion. Where taxes are low, where a voluntary tax payment is, there begins the social dawn of Aquarius, and also there where sectors of cooperative joint ownership are stronger than the capital accumulated in the hands of oligarchy. Local, social and economic movements based on local communities, efficiently operated and autonomous local governments; all these combined together makes the rays of Aquarius, which are transforming humanity at a subnational and tribal level.

5. Creating a European and even transnational language – Esperanto, later modified by its egoistic variants, is also a typical feature of the rays of the Age of Aquarius’ dawn. Forming liberal movements, including Internet communication and creating software based on a society with access to public programs, is the most certain evidence of the increase of the Aquarian Light which reaches the entire human race, the entire planet. The general extinction of wild animals is also in the course of events, although in the future, some of the predators will be genetically modified in order not to pose a threat and only because of that they will be able to survive. Humanity, however, in next generations must be modified in order to completely get rid of aggressive, war tendencies and to be guided by the sense of feeling the Truth, because this is the basis of even a small Golden Age. In the Age of Aquarius, people will no longer listen to demagogic politicians or their corrupt parties, but they will base their lives on the moral authority of pristine, divine messengers known as Paighambar, Avatar, Boddhisattva, in general known as Guru or Masters of Wisdom. The Hierarchy of the Masters of Wisdom, 144 thousand Saints, Masters and Prophets, who act openly, will govern the humanity based on a higher public authority their recommendations will influence the work of humanity. Partocratic system based on fight against political parties must disappear giving way to a system of direct democracy, to finally achieve a degree of mature timocracy, self-governing community based on Messengers from Heaven. These are the signs of the Divine Age of Aquarius.

Himalaya Master

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