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Spiritual University
Welcome everybody interested in taking up spiritual correspondence studies. After registering
you will receive Spiritual Message of Himalaya Masters in the form of lessons and lectures twice a month.
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Collections of
spiritual studies:
Sutras: HRIDAYA (Apocrypha)
Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
Udânas: MHM
The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
Esoteric Library
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    Himalaya Tirtha Sangha - Esoteric School of Yoga & Tantra
    Esoteric Knowledge Library
       • Muladhara Chakra
       • Svadhishthana Chakra
       • Laya Yoga, Tantra & Chakras
       • Laya Yoga Sampradaya
       • The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali
       • LAHIRI LORE – Dynastic Tradition of Kriya Yoga
       • KUNDALINI OM - The Srimad Devi Bhagawatam (The Goddess Holy Scripture)
             • The First Book (Skandha)
             • The Second Book (Skandha)
             • The Third Book (Skandha)
             • The Fourth Book (Skandha)
             • The Fifth Book (Skandha)
             • The Sixth Book (Skandha)
             • The Seventh Book (Skandha)
             • The Eighth Book (Skandha)
       • Laya Yoga - The Highest Form of Yoga
       • KAMASUTRA - Sex Handbook. Spiritual Art of Sexual Life for Humanity
       • Tantra: Shiva and Linga Puja
       • Shree Guru Charitra
       • Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe
       • LAYA KRIYA – the archetype of Rebirthing, Holotropy, and Regressing

    Himalaya Master
    Spiritual Gallery
       • Souvenir snapshots from meditations seminars
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Branches of Himalaya Tirtha Sangham:

Laya Yoga & Tantra
    What is Laya Yoga?
    Tantra – Relationships of Love and Prosperity
    Laya Marga – the Path of Absorption
    Laya Yoga - The Essence of All Religions
    Transmission Meditation
Bhaishajya Yoga, Ayurveda
    Bhaishajya Samaj - School of Spiritual Healing
    Ayurveda. Indo-European Natural Medicine

Raja Yoga Shigatse
    Shigatse Temple

Natha Sampradaya Hatha Yoga
    Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)

    Vajrasattva Marga
    Daily Meditation of Peace

Himalaya University

    HRIDAYA Sutras
       What is HRIDAYA?
       Thematic list of HRIDAYA Sutras
       PART I
       1. Self-Realisation of the Jewel of One's Own Original Self: HRID
       2. Jewels From the Hands of My Guru!
       3. Selected Aspects of Initiation
       4. Dikshan. How One Starts Practising Yoga?
       5. On Consiousness-Related Phenomena and Their Restraining
       6. On Four Aspects of Practising Yoga
       7. The Great White Brotherhood
       8. The Great Initiation
       9. The Foundations of Laya Marga
       50. Hydrotherapy and Urine Therapy
       101. Himalayan Spiritual Community    

    Udânas: The Messages of Himalaya Master
       Index of Messages of Himalaya Master
       I Mandala of Wisdom's Pearl
       1. Who am I? Revealing the essence of once being and the purpose of living
       2. About everlasting Principle and Well-Being
       3. Abort Overcoming Shyness
       4. Foundations of Longevity and Health
       5. Mythology of Carnivorousness and Vegetarianism
       6. About Milk and other Nutrition Poisons
       7. About Gold Division and Vastu
       8. Meditation – Art of Living, Health and Progress
       9. Four Basic Moral Values of Humanity
       10. Ecological Signs of Spiritual Development

       II Mandala of Wisdom's Pearl
       11. About Happiness, Health, Power and Development
       12. About becoming unity with Higher Self
       13. Art of Meditating
       14. Elementary Knowledge about Chakras
       15. Result of Treating Domestic Animals
       16. About the Desire for God, Spirit and Faith
       17. Cocoa as a Remedy and Spiritual Beverage of Gods
       18. Tantra – Spiritual Practice of White Magic
       19. Dance, Spiritual Happiness, the Yoga of Life
       20. Age of Progress and Development

       III Mandala of Wisdom's Pearl
       21. About Positive Thinking, Fasting, and Relaxation of a Great Man
       22. Practice of Harmony and Heart Balance
       23. The Rudiments of Mantra Yoga Praying Practices
       24. Shaping the Personality of Genius
       25. The Royal Art of the Man Inner Development
       26. Knowledge, Wisdom and Power of Shaman
       27. About following the student’s path of seven lotuses
       28. How to perform spiritual practices effectively
       29. Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ in Egypt
       30. How to Become the Student of a Real Spiritual Path

       IV Mandala of Wisdom's Pearl
       31. How to Start Changing Life and World for the Better
       32. The characteristic features of People-Angels
       34. Protection of the Environment and Humanity
       35. Life without Cancer, Dementia and Other Serious Diseases

       41. Building New World of the Whole Humankind
       78. The consciousness of Being and Becoming a Divine Creature
       145. The Age of Aquarius - The Dawn of Truth and Progress
       169. Why do we Suffer and what is the Reason for our Suffering?
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LAYA KRIYA – the archetype of Rebirthing, Holotropy, and Regressing
Laya Kriya is introduced in the classical Yoga by Ryszi PatañdŸali in an instruction verse from chapter I.31 which covers a breath joining breathing in and out in one smooth cycle, as well as three kinds of cleansing side effects which may occur due to heavy kinds of karma, confounding, and addictions of human beings....

Kundalini, The Mother of the Universe
The Mystery of Piercing the Six Chakras (by Rishi Singh Gherwal, 1930). This little self-published work could be most charitably described as an anthology of material on Kundalini Yoga...

Shree Guru Charitra
Guru Charitra (Caritra) is in the nature of a sriptural text devoutly followed by spiritural aspirants, mostly in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Most of the spiritual centres referred therin are loacted in these states. It is in conversational form between the master and the disciple clarifying all doubts of the disciple. Mainly, it deals with biographies of Lord Dattatreya and his subsequent incarnations as Sripada Srivallabha and Sri Narasimha Saraswati...

TANTRA: Shiva and Linga Puja (Pooja)
Shiva Puja is the name of the action in Hinduism by which one worships Lord Siva through traditional and ancient rites with the use of mantra, tantra, kriyas, mudras, and abhishekam...

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