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The Ancient Internal Path of Life exists in four main, generally well-known and popular branches, in form of four classic types of Yoga which, adequately to the degree of the practice difficulty, are known as Mantra Yoga - the Path of Prayer, Hatha Yoga - the Path of Psychophysical Perfection, Laya Yoga - the Path of Chakras and Raja Yoga - the Royal Path or Art of Living, from which Sufism, Theosophy, Rosy Cross, Gnosis, and many other esoteric Spiritual Schools originate! People should learn a lot about each of the four lines of the spiritual, inner development, and especially those who are interested deeper in Oriental and Christian Spirituality. The Royal Art, Raja Yoga, is the most difficult to practice, although it is described and propagated in the most popular but usually trivialized way, because actually it is a method of practice for ambitious and absorbed people. In fact, the Yoga of the Royal Sages is practiced in a Lotus position, the Full Lotus, and this is the position of the Enlightened Master Sages. No one can be called the Enlightened Master, Spiritual Sage, if he cannot sit, practice and even teach in a Lotus Position called Dhyana Mudra. We always recommend the people of this Earth to exercise their bodies so that they could be able to sit in a Divine Position, in a Royal Position of prayer and meditation. The Solar Royal Yoga Path is the Art of Living based on rich and deep knowledge, through which a deep understanding of cosmic laws and principles of life and spiritual development reveals!

The real Raja Yogi is a super-rare phenomenon on the Earth, because there are only a few people who can sit quietly and freely in the full lotus position to the spiritual exercises, who can do it permanently and long; and besides, only a few deserve to be called a true scholar-sage in all aspects of Theosophy, the Divine Knowledge. Looking for a proper Teacher, Master you should seek among lotus Yogis, because among those who cannot sit in a Lotus Position you will not find any Master, and this also applies to the practitioners of Theosophy, the Rosy Cross, Gnosis, or Sufism! Enlightenment with the radiant of Love and Wisdom comes to the man, arises in a man only when a person sits in a proper, full Lotus position to concentrate on the prayer and contemplation, and from the ancient times it was a secret among Yogis, Rishi, how to distinguish the real Sage from a simple cheater, who has absolutely nothing in common with a Spiritual Journey, and who is only cheating and deceiving other people. The way of teaching Dharma by Raja Yoga Masters is the way in which a Student is becoming similar to the Enlightened Master, both in form and in content. Humanity, however, besides the knowledge about the signs of mastery need the knowledge about a proper basis to begin the work of self-improvement and inner life, and about the directions in which they should go. You, people, need to know and remember that a Great Master of Raja Yoga was Shree Krishna Yogi and also Shree Zaratushthra, the Persian prophet, and later Shree Gautama Buddha, the one from who the Buddhist school of life comes. If you think about the names of such great Masters, undoubtedly they will help you to find the real authentic origins of the ancient teachings.

You need to know that there are three aspects or branches of the novice work, studies and practice on the Royal Path, and they are in order: Karma Yoga – development by active, selfless actions, Jnana Yoga – the path of knowledge, cognition and understanding and Bhakti Yoga – the path of worship, adoration and devotion. The novice is usually more attracted by one of those three aspects and the ancient Sacred Books like Bhagavadgita are based on more and more developed subjects of those Three basic branches of practice! Karma Yoga is practicing the right acts, the right functioning in the World, including both thinking and speaking, and not only external deeds of hands, what sometimes people think. Karma Yoga is the unification of thoughts, words and deeds in such a way that the real activities are the most efficient and strongest, maximally effective. Karma Yoga means working on conditions and limitations of one’s fortune, existence, overcoming life's difficulties and entanglements. Awareness of the basic principle of life which is the Law of Karman, the Law of Retaliation which means giving justice according to the rule: eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, blood for blood, is really helping people, because they can easily stop doing what they don’t want to be done towards them, and to live in order to do to the others what a man wants to be done to him/her. The Ancient people call the Law of Karma the Golden Rule which allows a simple man to choose easily how to act, what to do and what not to do. The Law helps to straighten the winding path of human existence and Karma Yoga teaches a lot and in more details how the Law of Karma, the Law of Retaliation or Return works.

The man making his first steps on any path of spiritual teaching is usually learning about the existence of Heaven for good people and Hell for bad people and about the way of living in which avoiding all evil and doing the right things allows one to go to the Heaven! This is true of every religion, every spiritual tradition, if it is authentic and has not been deformed, which often happens in this world. The man, at the beginning of the Royal Path, must look at his whole life and must willingly isolate and reject all that is bad, unfriendly and vile from all that is good, right and proper in the light of the fundamental rights and principles of life, such as the Law of Karman, which says that sooner or later you will be what you are doing to the others, and thoughts or words are also considered as deeds. Everything you send as a thought-emotion, word or action of the body will return to you like a boomerang, and you do not know the day nor the hour when the justice will be done to you. So do not be the cause of someone else’s misfortune, do not be an outrage for the others, do not be a cause of someone else’s downfall, because what you do to the others will come back to you, sometimes even after many years! The Law of Karman is the principle of the Divine Justice, it is an action, reaction of the Spirit of Life of the whole planet to your thoughts, words and deeds of the body! If someone harms you, the harm will sooner or later return to the offender thanks to the the forces of nature that take revenge for all the iniquity, wicked deeds, bad thoughts and emotions. The good will be rewarded with good and evil will be punished on the basis of similarity of evil, and so the cycle goes through history, pursuing human beings not only their individual lives, but through their incarnations as well.!

Meditate on your life, think over your fate, and firstly search for the causes of what is happening in your life in yourself, because there you will find a majority of human ailments. Reflection on life, like it is in case of Arjuna, the Guru Shree Krishna Student should include compassion to the others, regret and remorse for his/her own mistakes, and also understanding of the causes of evil, corruption and the collapse of society, generations, family, or nation. Contrite heart, full of sorrow for one’s own mistakes and full of mercy for all the surrounding enemies as well as for the one who got lost, is the ideal foundation for a deeper workout of the inner life, where a man must be aware of the fact that life on Earth is life on the battlefield, in the middle of the battle between good and evil. The one who wants to go the right way has to make good choices, always stand on the right side and understand that all tragedy of karma destiny is not a blind fortune, but a well-planned destiny of people imprinted in the Akasha - in Memory of the Planet created accurately of thoughts, words and deeds. A man must find and recognize his Guide, Soul Master, Shree Guru, whom he will follow with all his heart and he will never forsake the Divine Being. A man must overcome his own mistakes, particularly wrong and bad ideas and choices. And he must learn this all from the Shree Guru eagerly and effectively in order to overcome evil and win the battle of life, in which all the people on Earth take part. Raja Yogi, both Rishi and Sufi, is the Master of Art of Living and the King of Wisdom among Yogis, among the Divine Unity. While Karma, Bhakti and Jnana Yoga are three aspects and ways of development which are complementary, none of them is entirely possible without the other two ones. 

It is worth noting that the Path of Light (Uro Yoga), sometimes called the Royal Art, has 12 basic steps, stages of development and initiation, where the 9th level is the level of Yogi, Ŗishi, Sufi, but finding the person on the fourth level is practically a miracle. The first level, Karma Yoga, is a collection of tips and maxims of life which, if practically and properly applied, become very helpful through the entire life and in every struggle of existence! Overcoming the difficulties and circumstances of fate is a very useful ability, but also very basic, fundamental in the Royal Art of Living. Karma Yoga overcomes the darkness of Tama, Bhakti Yoga, clears the passion, attachment of Raja, and Jnana Yoga helps to cross the level of pure goodness, truth and reality, joining the higher world of the soul, All-Spirit – Parampurusha! Sankhya is knowledge, a collection of views, which are useful to a man and are necessary for proper development, self-analyze and proper functioning in each aspect of life, and Student of the Path, whether Shishya or Marga(n) trying to resemble Shree Arjuna is is trying more and more to know the depth of the Guru, Master-Guide, from which he takes teachings and practice. Lotus Yogi, a person full of light, brightness and glory is a symbol of the embodied Heart in its 12-aspects which are symbolized by the Hearth of the Lotus Flower. 

Himalaya Master

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