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Animals living close to a man are in a close relationship with him, living with people they gradually undergo humanization. They finish the evolution of their souls in an animal form and in next incarnations they become people of character inherited from the upbringing of their last animal incarnations. Of course mammals able to learn and feel, are closest to the human kingdom, so intelligent mammals, humanized, domesticated, loving their human friends or masters, in their next incarnations appear in the families of those, who fed them, brought them up, as their children or grandchildren. There are five level of consciousness in the animal kingdom, they are reptiles, amphibians, fishes, birds and mammals; five consciousness classes or development stages like the rays of a 5-pointed star, and the evolution involves passing the animal’s soul through incarnations of higher levels, or through consciousness development levels. People have some features that are remains of five stages or circles of animal evolution; however, humanization requires rejecting animal features, and developing human characteristics, behavior and postures. New human individuals entering the incarnation come from domestic animals that people brought up and trained in direct closeness for many years. And in the culture of the West they are usually cats, dogs, horses, pigs, cows, sheep, goats or other species which are able to make friendship with a human being and have individualized characters, which, actually, is a basis for the soul to pass through animal evolution and move on to the circle of human evolutions.

Various cultures keep the relation with other species of animals, which by their closeness become likely to be transferred to a stage of a soul evolution to human kingdom, which in its essence is something like an interior of a 5-pointed star, so very different from the world of animals. Mammals, the highest class of animal evolution, during the process of humanization must gain human features, live close to the people, serve to a man and learn from him, they must learn basic names and terms and develop deep feelings to achieve the level of a little child, and then they can become humanized.

Domestic animals like cats and dogs in the world of the West, by closeness to people, living with people in their houses, are more prone to incarnation and experience it in a bigger number; they become the people of still low consciousness, and their behavior reminds of domestic animals reactions a lot. In the countries where in most of the houses and farms there are dogs and cats that are almost adopted, it’s obvious, that children have characters of unruly over-trained pupils, because sometimes it happens that an animal bought to a child after death becomes its offspring, and a grandchild or great-grandchild of the parents who bought the animal, cat or any other domestic mammal, like a monkey or a cow, which they took care of for many years. All authentic religions accept the study about the soul’s evolution and passing of souls through higher levels of consciousness development. And the rule of reincarnation, knowledge about incarnation is a basic concept of all spiritual knowledge or authentic religions. The destiny of a man is to change into a heavenly spiritual creature, which the culture of the West calls an angel, and the culture of the East – devata. Freeing from animal atavisms, which people have from their previous animal incarnations is a basis of humanization of every single man and must be the basis of upbringing. For example dog’s provenance you can see in the person’s willingness to copulate with everybody if only there is a chance. And if such a need appears in a human individual, than it’s an atavism of a dog or an animal of similar character. Emphasizing individualism, walking one's own paths may be an atavism of a cat, especially if someone is willingly living from hunting, and the need of acceptation and award of the individualism is strong in him.

Adoring the souls of some animals in many cultural circles was to draw to the collective unconsciousness connected with certain animal species, from which those societies have descended. We have to remember, that the Earth created by God was originally good and so was every creature, however, in the time or the great-beginning both human beings and animals were nourishing with vegetable foods, and there were no predatory animals at all, because they come from the world of evil. Good humans or animal creatures nourish with vegetable food, and the bad elements come from predators. So human upbringing must be based on totally vegetarian nourishing, and people coming from good animals are vegetarians by nature, the carnivores and hunters require a therapy and change because they come from predatory evil. Domestic donkeys, elephants, sheep or goats are always the symbols of goodness, symbols of good character, because of provenance from good animals. Predators in nature are not needed at all, and the time of transformation will come, when predators will totally die out from the animal world, and primal Good will be restored on the whole Earth again. The evolution of a man is about becoming similar to divine creatures, such as angelic spirits, devas and about returning to the primal nature of goodness, as it involves rejecting any need of hunting (killing) and eating corpses. Domestic animal education in the direction of humanizing is also about gradual approaching to vegetable nourishing and correcting bad, aggressive features. Who trains the dog to bite and kill can brought up the descendant that will eat him, because he brings up a predatory dog killer, which will become a human in the next incarnation, a predatory human.

Correcting aggressive and bad behavior is very useful already at the level of last animal incarnations, when you breed and train a domestic animal. Pollution of the planet is caused by bad, aggressive creatures, and bad aggressive animals and similarly bad people such as hunters and aggressors, killers and robbers belong to the dark side of this planet. Study of Goodness starts with appropriate vegetable, vegetarian diet, which allows for changing the body deviations and perversions of human creature; it’s a basis and the beginning of work of education in the spirit of human values. Obviously, we shouldn’t muffle and destroy our healthy protective reactions, the instinct of keeping and rescuing your own life, because it would be an unhealthy exaggeration. No carnivorous person is a good man and he won’t be a good one until he gets rid of bad, bloodthirsty tendencies. Freeing from the ties of evil, from the animal predatory atavisms, is a process requiring the power of will and determination, one must avoid being deceived again and walking the devilish way of killing and bloodthirsty instincts. Copulation only for procreation also comes from animals, because the world of animals is generally merely about finding food, eating or devouring something and reproducing without restraint. Human creature is characterized by the mind, intelligence; sexual organs are there to give love pleasures, not only to procreate. You shouldn’t go back in your development to animal stages, you shouldn’t live in order to eat or reproduce. You eat in order to lead better and better life. All sages, saints, prophets and philosophers have been teaching this for thousands of years, and every man must remember about it and adhere to these simple rules, the basis of humanization and maturity.

It is a message to humanity and to every single man, because a man has the possibility of conscious development and mastering into the direction of divine goodness, and the goodness is the basis of a heavenly life. Teach and bring up your children into the direction of goodness, not evil. Correct devilish, predatory carnivorousness and talk about harmfulness of eating animal corpses, because keeping the bloodthirsty habits will not make anyone closer to a better life, or to a higher world of the Inhabitants of Heaven. When you cause suffering and make other humans or animals suffer, then you condemn yourself to staying in the world of suffering and the results of carnivorousness will fall on you. Karma returns to the people of this Earth, and the amount of evil caused by invasive wars and carnivorousness is really great.

Teach your domestic animals to live in peace, friendship, love, don’t harm animals, but teach them goodness and reciprocate their friendship and faith. If you throw your dog out of your house, into the street, it can become your grandchild, and for sure it will throw you out and you will go to live under the bridge asking why such a thing is happening. If you kill an animal that loves you, your future children or grandchildren will kill you because of their instinctual need to get even. People, stop preparing bad destiny to the others and to yourself, start living with the eternal Divine Law!

Himalaya Master

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