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Raja Yoga (Raaja Yoga) is an ancient line of spiritual teaching started by Chohan Shiva Yogeshvara in deep antiquity and it was widely cultivated in Golden Age (Satyayuga) of human existence. Originally Raja Yoga was called by the term Uro Yoga, which means the Yoga of Luminosity or a Luminous Unification or finally Reconciliation with Light. The Raja Yoga term caught on in the ages following Golden Age, because Uro Yoga was an item of spiritual practice of previous Kings-Sages (especially from sunny dynasty Ayodha), from where we have Royal Yoga, or rather Yoga of the King or Royal Reconciliation. From Royal Yoga knowledge and practice appeared many various spiritual schools and traditions describing themselves as Royal Art. Uro Yoga is one of 12 lines of initiative transmission of Yoga, which Shiva Lord had established for humanity, so they could be paths rising up souls back to Redemption and to Enlightened dimensions of being. We can guess just from the name than main and key-practices of Uro Yoga, so the Yoga of Light, shall be all meditation practices with Light! Nowadays only very few adepts of Yoga has something to do with Raja Yoga, although many talk about their connection with Raja Yoga. Theosophical conception of Raja Yoga is described as a practice of Yama and Niyama, Asana and Pranayama, Pratyahara and Dhaarana and Samadhi has nothing to do with authentic Raja Yoga, and it comes from the levels of traditional 7-leveled Hatha Yoga, which is also an initiative line of spiritual transmission. Authentic line of Raja Yoga transmission is 12-leveled, initiative line of spiritual Realisation, and besides it’s 12 basic stages, it also contains 6 stages of Uro Yoga Higher Order (Uro Yoga Mahaa Sangha or Kalkina Sangha).

Levels of authentic Raja Yoga lead to spiritual, heavenly Shigatse Temple (Shigatse Ashrama), focusing Souls Enlightened by Divine Wisdom and Omniscience. Higher part of Shigatse Temple creating Fraternity or Order of Golden Gown (Dharmakaya Gown) is so called Kalkin Temple (Kalkin Ashrama), spiritual creature, which are Spiritual Guide and Teacher of whole human kind (Jagadguru). Idea of this spiritual Master is lively present in all religions of the world, in Buddhism as the creature of Buddha Maitreya, in Islam as the creature of Imam Mahdi, in Judaism as the person of Messiah, in zaratushtrianism as the person of Saoshyanta, and in Christianity as the person of Christ of Advent! All religions more or less refer to this spiritual creature which Jagadguru Kalkin is, a spiritual head of all authentic Raja Yogis. Kalkin’s Temple gathers souls on the levels of Uro Yoga Higher Order. The path of Raja Yoga was one of True Religion of Golden Age or primeval the only religion of human kind and each religion includes some trace quantity of elementary spiritual practice of first stages of Raja Yoga. Practicing adepts of Raja Yoga accept the basic spiritual fact, that all religions of this world are in fact one religion and one path leading to Liberation, Redemption. So while studying religions of the world Raja Yogi will pay attention mainly to issues that these religions have in common. Because obviously it will be pure study or primeval pra-religion of human kind, so pure basic spiritual study of Raja Yoga.

Royal Path (Raja Marga) leads above all to Golden Flame of Divine Wisdom, which is a central altar of Heavenly Shigatse Temple, that is situated in the space over real Tibetan country – Shigatse. Probably a mark of primeval Uro Yoga of Golden Age is a belief cherished by various religions, that they’re the only one and the only right Way intended for whole humanity. In fact it was so all over the Golden Age, and we know that Satyayuga lasts almost one million eight hundred thousands years (1,728). Raja Yoga is in fact original, deeply mystical Spiritual Religion of human kind, and it’s recommended to practice by anyone. We can realize, that contemplation of Golden Light and Golden Flame will belong to significant and key-practices. Basic center of concentration is the Lotus of Heart, because it’s 12 petals symbolizes 12 stages of awakening the Consciousness (Middle Ego), so the Chittam. Consciousness, Chitta, is energy of Divine Soul (Jivatman) living in the center of heart inside breasts. Raja Yoga uses many spiritual practices connected to heart center under the breastbone called Anahata. Contemplation cosmic, spiritual energy of Signs of Zodiac in correspondence to following Anahata petals including appropriate syllables, sounds of heart petals, starting from energy of Capricorn Sign is quite advanced spiritual practices of ancient Uro Yoga cultivated in vast numbers by whole humanity.

Trace spiritual practices appearing in various religions, and existing as remains of authentic Raja Yoga are three classical helping yoga, practiced and recommended nowadays by various Spiritual Teachers usually separately, not as one system of practice of spiritual development. They’re known appropriately as Karmayoga, Bhaktiyoga and Jnanayoga. We have specified them in the sequence in which they appear as beginning  levels of the First Great Ring of knowledge and practice of ancient Raja Yoga. First great Ring of Raja Yoga is also called as Brahma Vichara, which suggests penetrating or incoming, melting into God! Adepts if these beginning levels learn to feel and experience the Presence of God as ever-present luminary All-Spirit, the Brahman, and they learn to penetrate, melt their consciousness into God’s Consciousness, or rather into ever-present Holy Spirit (All-Spirit). Bhakti Yoga is lively present practically in all religions, because it’s just zealous praying and adoration of God by spiritual songs (Bhajana), thanksgiving, imploring or adoring prayers (Brahma-chintani). Unfortunately practicing Bhakti Yoga without ground basis on the Path which is Karma Yoga level, neither gives good results nor special spiritual progress. Karma Yoga means the unification of all our actions and life aspirations in one tight and coherent stream of life and offering your Work to God. Karma Yogi works as he would work only for God and anything he does he simultaneously fulfils his Divine Service conscientiously, honestly and reliably. Reliable and honest work offered to God is life posture of Karma Yogi, which is also his spiritual practice. A man has to learn to accept, like, value and respect his work and whole life activity. And only with such attitude and life practice an adept is appropriately prepared to second stage of the Path of Golden Flame, which is a stage of Admiration and God’s Adoration!

Jnana Yoga, which is a third level is a period of scooping deep and universal knowledge audible by own ears, flowing from Guru’s mouth, who is a Divine Sage, a Rishi. In the third stage adepts receive universal spiritual and religious knowledge on all basic, mystical subjects as Pranaapana (Breathing), Yantrajnana (Symbolics Knowledge), Metaphysics (Knowledge about elements and processes of transformation and ways of synchronization with God), Ethics (Rules of Behaviour), and many others. The stage of Karma Yoga must fruit with developing Faith and trust to God (Shraddha) and to Guru. Bhakti Yoga level must fruit with positive and successful conversion of attempts and tests, which appear on adept’s way. Third level must manifest with patient meditating on all spiritual studies and intelligent acquiring, assimilating all things with personal understanding and insight. Penetrating (Vichara) of God (Brahman) is directly proportional to the level of awoken and developed Faith, Trust but on the third level Faith of student changes into some kind of recognition, when the student knows that God exists, he knows God from his own experience! First level of practice means intensification of life ability, life efficiency and spiritual development by positive commitment in life and work, and realizing purposes in the material world. Karma Yogi is an adept in the phase of Village of Questions, who is a listener asking more and more deeper questions. Bhakti Yogi is an adept in the phase of Village of Love, actively committed in cultivating love to his Creator, adept burning the fire of Divine Love and keeping this flame by zealous practice of Prayer (Brahmachintani). Adept in third level is committed in the Village of Wisdom, because he insistently studies all religious and spiritual wisdom, searching for all what is common for all religious systems. Only studying Divine Knowledge without the basis of two legs which are Karma and Bhakti Yoga is fruitless and will not bring spiritual growth, and can be just on the contrary, like example of Virochana (Lucifer) shows. He was a student of Lord Brahma (God the Creator) and  studied spiritual knowledge, but omitted completely Bhakti to God, his Guru. He entered the stage of pride and defiance, he left Guru and tumbled down in demonic fall into the lowest hell, where he is an imperator of bad spirits.

Higher, fourth level must intensively practice Vairagyam, so Untying attention to things and people and Non-Desire, and also exercises of intensive Concentration (Focusing), so Dharana. Fourth ring of practicing is usually described as Dharanachakram, what means a Ring of Concentration, Focusing. The practice is intended to loosing illusion of possessing and the illusion of committing to material things, items and people. We practice Particularly Intensive Upasana, so concentration on the creature of God, especially in the form of some Avatar (Descended), so with some divine human creature on final mystical level of spiritual Realization. All great Prophets, Avatars, founders and restorers of Original Religion are the object of deep Concentration and Upasana. Energetic changing breath known as Vamkrama is also fundamental exercise from fourth level of initiation in traditional authentic Raja Yoga.

Basic level of practice of Karma Yogi must be also a little sensitive and open to happening in Nature (Rudram) subtle energies called Elements (Tattva). So in the introduction into Raja Yoga huge pressure is put on simple contemplations of Nature’s Elements, so rocks, soil and mountains, water so rivers, lakes, sea and rain, burning fire and sun, wind in open space and quite spacious energy of Divine Spirit, Ethereal, which penetrates four basic elements that build plan of matter. Accustoming oneself with energies of water, ground, fire and wind (ethereal, sky) must bring deeper sensitiveness to what happens with the Nature and to it’s elementary energies. Deeper and more intensive practices with the elements the dependence on the Nature (Prakrti Asraya) studies an adept of Uro Yoga at fifth level of his practice, but here he needs deeper developing strong Concentration and Untying. Karma Yoga enables purifying and harmonizing physical and energetic body (Lingasharira), zealous and full of admiration Bhakti Yoga enables deeper purifying and synchronization the astro-mental surface, the Kaamamanas. Jnana Yoga if only we receive appropriate spiritual useful and helpful knowledge, enables us achieving synchronization with the spiritual plane of Causal Mind (Sutramamanas), from where we draw spiritual inspiration and all supports. On 6th level of initiation practice of Raja Yoga Path an issue of Concentration is our deep internal dependence on God Creator (Brahman) and on his Messenger (Avatar) and it is deeper realized, what we called a process of Brahma Asraya (Divine Relationship).

This is the introductory sketch of primeval royal practice of Raja Yoga Sigatse on it’s six lover, lunar levels! Also worth considering it the fact that traditional Indian and Persian sufi schools are organized as spiritual practice of Uro Yoga Path and also have 12-leveld initiative transmission analogical to ancient Shivac Raja Yoga. So we described also basis of practice in Esoteric School of Sufi Order. Ancient Slav esoteric initiation cults Jesse and Biesa has also a lot in common with Raja Yoga! Also we have to prejudice all interested in Raja Yoga practice that here were described only the more important and more common practices of Raja Yoga schools, not the whole program in details!

Himalaya Master

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