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Every man dreams of Happiness, Love and Well-Being, usually to such an extent that, when he reaches love and seems to be Happy, his become even stronger and more intense. It is so, because deep inside every human being, inside Ego, Soul, the aspiration to gaining higher Happiness and higher Love. And a human does not remain satisfied with, what actually should make him happy in material sphere. Usually it is noticeable in autobiographies of people of Success and Prosperity who, as it seems, have already gained everything and could have anything they want, but on the other hand they cannot acquire higher Reality, which each Soul is always missing for, by any effort. And then, suddenly he gives away all his fortune to hospitals and goes to some jungle or even another end of the world to meditate! We have already seen many generations, that did not gain satisfaction from good results of material level of living, although they all were perceived as people of Success and Love fulfillment, which could actually give a picture of Happiness. The people, however, have suddenly returned to metaphysical, internal reality to turn from a proverbial King into a Beggar who walks  the world dressed in tatters, looking for other, real Values. Life is indeed a Value and the process of discovering the purpose of individual existence is to some extent a vocation of life, for which people are sent at unknown hour, on unknown day, because it is never certain when the Master of Souls will call up for a man and leads him to his Destiny, so he could fulfill himself.

Every human, even the most inveterate atheist has moments when he turns to High Being, to God, and searches for something sublime and lofty, out of or beyond this world, and about 90% people of Earth consider themselves as believing, they might not represent any religion though. However the religion is innate to all humanity and appears in every age new religion systems indicates the need of spiritual and religious rebirth despite the time and living conditions. The religiousness is a feature of Ego, Soul, Mind and Heart and it manifests in dreams, experiences of higher Reality or in searching for Good, during reflections about sense of living and the mystery of death. A man has moments of manifestation of his needs and metaphysical desires, and it is the natural need of Religion, Beauty and Art of Soul.

In search for Happiness and Love people can do anything and they are enabled to do unbelievable and crazy efforts, and all the religious martyrs are actually the authentic examples of how huge the internal need of fulfilling the subtle aspirations running from the very inside of a human being. A man has right to total Happiness and can create and gain Happiness, he must not hurt others while his aspirations though! The rule that makes the world goes round says that, what a man sows he later reaps; how he treats others so he will be treated. That is the subconscious right of payback and return. Never accomplish anything at other’s expense, but create with profits for them. Bad upbringing means growing up in a state of rivalry and competition. How much harm people suffer when one man has too much power only for hurting and eliminating others. The Everlasting Principle allows only protecting oneself and defending from aggression and that is the only reason when we can sacrifice the value, which is someone’s life.

People, search for Happiness, but pay close attention that others feel good with you and because of you. Search for Love, but also give Love to others, so it could come back to you enlarged day by day. You seem to be unhappy from time to time; do not be surprised when you have not made others Loved or Happy. All that we do for others, for the Common Profit, and the Profit of Society, comes back to us as Good, only if it really was really Good for the Society. Religious martyrs throughout millenniums have cleared the way of Progress, sealing upbringing people to higher level with their own blood. We know many of them and their names are famous, and written in Heaven, because the Creator- Creation craves only for perfecting  and improving human existence and human will. Everyone has right to Health, Welfare, Love, everyone has right to live in Happiness.

If only one child is unhappy, because it cries from hunger, it means that authority of this world is not in God’s Hands and God’s Religion, because the True Religion cares about Happiness of every human. Spiritual knowledge helps to improve the level of living and human nature, so it could be able to find the lost jewel of Happiness, magic and wonderful White Pebble, alchemic Elixir of Happiness, which is not any kind of material mixture. The point is in making own feeling, seeing and hearing more sensitive to exploring what is hidden from the eyes of mortals.

If you people want to be Happier, try at first to be glad with all you have and about people that you are close to, and create relations filled with joy and fun. Play with life so that every moment, even the hard one, could bring you satisfaction. Let this life be a game for the Soul that lives on Earth inside a body, because actually you are the Higher Ego, the Divine Soul, a wonderful creature, really precious in the eyes of God-Creator-Creation! And do not surrender because of hard moments, and suffering, but search for internal joy that comes from the Heart, although we know it is hard in many moments of life. But if you try hard you will for sure improve your general well-being!

A man can make hundreds, thousands of changes within himself and in his life to make his life Better, Healthier, Cheerful and Happier and what is more – Wealthier and Richer in anything that he wants or needs; but he has to be careful not to hurt anybody, not to torment anybody and especially not to ruin anybody in any way, although we always have to protect from the aggressiveness of others. God has given to people a simple Principle of Existence, which results in Ten Commandments, from which we learn how to live and behave. These principles are naturally implicated in our Conscience, speaking differently on the board of our Ego, which exists in our breast as we believe. Who understands the Principle of Existence, the Principle of Order or the Principle of Harmony - that the Principle of Grand being, always knows and can  act and behave in good way!

Himalaya Master

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