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There is a very simple and easy way of spiritual practice for the development of harmony and balance of a human Heart, and it is recommended by many spiritual Teachers and organizations. We think about SAU-HAM, the syllable contemplated in the rhythm of breathing, during the breath in you should focus on the SAU sound, and during the breath out about the HAM! Both syllables can balance the female element with the male, the internal with the external, the Earth with the Sky, the matter with the spirit, the feeling with the thought, everything that is divided into two sides of a coin, and that can and could complete each other. SAU-HAM Mantram is good for couples and partners, for mutual practice and harmony of the male and the female, because the practice, spiritual exercise removes any discord, disharmony and introduces the balance and concord of the opposing poles. We can say that SAU-HAM is a phrase, vibration of the Heart and Concord, Cooperation and Synchronization. Because of contemplating it, the will, activity and external acting gain balance. It’s a good practice, a very good mantra for beginners, who have already chosen the Path of the Spirit and want to learn the basis of meditation or focusing.

Sit straight with your legs crossed in the lotus position, with your hands on your knees and your palms directed upwards. The head and neck should be set right on your straight trunk, and your sight directed straight ahead, but the eyelids half-closed. Now you feel the internal Heart, the rhythm of your Heart pounding inside your chest. You breathe the air in slightly, but deeply, and the breath is regular and deepened so that you can feel the work of your Heart. The area of your physical Heart in the middle of the breastbone is the same as the Center or Lotus, the Heart Chakra of 12 petals, because the Heart Center can be symbolically imagined as Rose or Lotus flower of 12 petals. Heart petals refer to the 12 canals of vital energy or to the 12 Zodiac Signs. That’s why, the Heart Center is considered to be very important area in a human organism and an organ of the Soul as well. Breathing deeply try to listen to the SAU sound during the breath in and Ham during the breath out. It’s a very simple way of beneficial contemplation and you should know that SAU syllable acts in a purifying and healing way and it harmonizes with the nature, and HAM syllable contributes to sublimation and spiritualism, helps to open to higher feelings, ideals and phenomena.

Peaceful sitting in silence or in the silence of nature and contemplating SAU-HAM syllables and breathing deeply is a simple and natural method of purifying and development of the Heart Center, higher feelings and subtle thoughts, Soul, Self. Practice of focusing in this Anahata Nadam – Sound of Heart is one of great Secrets known to Spiritual Masters and Sages from the Far East, from the Himalayas, Tibet, India and all the spiritually initiated know well and practice SAU-HAM. In the beginning, half an hour is enough to exercise SAU-HAM, when you do it once or twice a day, and you should remember that half an Indian lesson lasts exactly 24 minutes (1 Tattva), that’s why, we talk about half an hour as a meditation round or session. It can be hard for the beginners to sit straight and still with their legs crossed for an hour (Muhurta is 48 minutes), but such session or round is a good beginning. You should remember about the straight, vertical position of the back, neck and head, because this simple position helps avoid circulation disorders in organism and prevents contortion or displacement of vertebras. Simple, vertical position and relaxation is a basis for the successful practice of meditation, literally SHP – Safety and Hygiene of Practice! Breathe thinking SAU and HAM and combine your thinking with the sound of your breath, as if you were searching for the sounds of the vibrations in the heart area under your breastbone, place the vibration there, the source of SAU-HAM, which is symbolized by a 6 pointed Star.

Imagining a 6 pointed Star in the Heart Center or the evoking an impression of being inside such a Star, so that the Heart is a point of this center, and rhythmical intensive thinking SAU-HAM is a well known version of practice recommended by Masters of the East! People reading books about the spiritual Masters and Sages of Himalayas and their Miracles should definitely try experiencing the Practice of Heart and remember that while continuing and deepening this simple and easy spiritual exercise deeper effects of relaxation, harmony and concord with higher spheres of being will appear, as well as the knowledge about the balance and talent to harmonize with the surrounding. Also the knowledge about harmony and connection between the World of Spirit and the World of Matter will appear. The best time for meditation is in the morning, dusk to sunrise and in the evening from sunset till night. A very good time or period for meditation is the time when the Moon becomes New or Full, if you tend to practice rarely, just try it a little. It’s good to try to practice every day, and to make longer sessions once or twice a month, maybe a few half an hour sessions of contemplation. This practice was adored both by Buddha Master and Krishna and also by plenty of Avatars and Bodhisattvas from the Himalayan area and by the Secret Lodge of Masters of Wisdom from the Far East.

It is best to be initiated into SAU-HAM practice by good Spiritual Teachers of Laya Yoga or Tantra or Mantra Yoga, because there are many additions and subtle elements such as Mudras, head movements, focusing sight or deeper visualizations, which develop this simple practice and bring it to a deeper dimension. AU in SAU syllable should be pronounced like in AURA word, and M at the end of HAM should be pronounced with a vibrating nasal sound, M murmured with a closed mouth. It’s good to vibrate a little with your voice with the help of a good instructor of spiritual exercises (Snataka) or with a good Teacher (Acharya) of knowledge about Chakras, then the contemplation is more effective and brings deeper, more powerful results. Vibrating SAU-HAM helps to keep the balance in the work of Heart and enables spiritual healing of the physical Heart, because it’s a meditation and therapeutic technique. Mudra that is rescuing the Heart, if someone learnt it, is often associated and used in SAU-HAM contemplation. SAU-HAM contemplation helps in keeping balance here and now, it rescues a man from the past and future, loosens the tights of life conditions, karma. SAU-HAM helps to unite partners, who both practice, in a relationship and helps to learn how to create a harmonic, balanced, spiritual relationship of a man and woman. 

Tibet or Chinese Buddhists in ancient times used SAU-HAM before Zazen, Meditational Sitting became slightly distorted and forgotten. This exercise was called an observation or Realizing the breath, perception of the internal sound. SAU-HAM is normally practiced in every authentic and real Hatha or Raja Yoga system, because every kind of Yoga requires deep meditation and contemplation, the development of internal life. There are also schools and systems of spiritual development, where SAU-HAM is a basis and the center of all spiritual practice, so you can call them all simply the Path of the Heart. When your emotions are stirred, sit down and close your eyes, focus on yourself, on the area of your physical Heart under the breastbone and deeply breathing, think and listen to SAU-HAM during the breathing in and out cycle, and your astral body and emotions will be purified and balanced and your whole self will achieve spiritual development and inner silence. SAU-HAM Mantram helps to find yourself, your real Self hidden in your Heart, The Living Flame of Divinity, Atman or Jivatman, the Living Spirit! Try this simple Practice, because every child can sit straight with the legs crossed, and everyone who is alive can breathe deeply. Also everyone can think, and SAU-HAM are only two syllables for the Health and Peace!

Himalaya Master

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