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Thousands, possibly millions of people in the contemporary world wonder how to overcome the strong feeling of alienation or isolation. How to overcome solitude, open their Hearts and find new Friends and new Love in their Lives. However, solitude has many causes and could be understood in each man’s life differently, because the causes of solitude depend on matching the effective methods of overcoming it. Mostly, the cause of solitude and alienation in life are various traumas and disappointments, which a man has experienced. However, other common causes of solitude are creative inspirations, which tell artistic souls to separate from social life and love relationships. Spiritual inspirations or strong programming by religious dogmas are also the causes of solitude in human life. Complexes from childhood, feeling of worthlessness and problems with adapting to the role of being a woman, man, a mother or father, are also the causes of solitude. Sometimes it’s also some kind of problem which is troublesome for someone and his neighbourhood such as a tumour in the body, an unpleasant smell of sweat, partial deafness or others. The most sensational is solitude resulting from so called spells cast by psychically and emotionally strong people, the feeling of pressure from the forces of alien creatures that lead to isolation from people and the world. Solitude is usually a cause of depression, apathy and suicidal tendencies.

We have to understand that life in solitude, lack of friendships and love is possible to overcome, though it requires, apart from the good will of lonely people, a lot of work , and above all, great effort in therapy of working on yourself for the transformation of unfavourable life patterns and finding a place among people. Fear of being cheated, or used, is usually a psychological cause of solitude. That is why, people are afraid of creating new relationships and friendships, but just the fact that these fears exist is paradoxically a force that attracts us to what we’re afraid of – and towards inappropriate people. Healing the soul from numerous strong fears makes us turn off the mechanisms of attracting misfortune and having wrong and insincere relationships with people. Recognising wicked men enables us to clearly assess the situation and choose appropriate people to make relationships and friendships with people of good natures such as sincerity and faith.

Accepting and tolerating other people the way they are and not rejecting them basing on what they do and who they are, but the dialogue about positive change and transformation of features of their character that hurt us is a very good start for searching understanding and creating much better relationships. We know that for many people it’s hard to believe in the possibility of changing life for good, or finding new close friends in the place of those they had lost. Some people, e.g. those raised without any family or in pathological families of drunkards, where they were raped or tormented, don’t completely know what real friendship or love is. They need to be taught it by showing constructive, positive examples.  Our therapies in workshop groups and discussions make it much simpler and help in this process. A man can be loved and happy in life, a man has the right to love and friendship, to creating his life in new spirit, even if his life up to now has fallen into decay.

Removing  what hurts and repels others is sometimes also important and requires a special therapy so that the others could accept us the way we are, with our drawbacks, sometimes physical, that cause the distress about our appearance or alienation. Stress in social relationships is sometimes a big obstacle to overcome and is a great challenge to take up. A man doesn’t have to resign from the right to love or friendship because of the fear of social alienation which can appear while relations with friends or other people. Various fears, phobias or aversions tend to heal perfectly, either with the help of herbs balancing the organism or with the help of a process of deepened psychoanalysis, understanding and rationalisation of blockades, inhibitions, fears or repugnance existing in humans. Obviously people who are seriously hurt by rape or violence usually need to put more work and commitment into therapy than people who have just felt offended by the world because of some failures.

A significant group of lonely people that is worth considering are those of angelic nature, spiritual people, who, because of their total psycho-physical difference, are unlike any people from this world and it’s hard for them to create love or friendship with ordinary people. However, they create good relationships within one another, if only they find a brotherly soul of different sex for love. or a community of angelic souls for friendship. We are talking about a relatively big, 10-15%, group of the whole society although its smaller circle is 1/16 of humankind. These angelic people, as modern psycho-synthesis calls them, look for their happiness and place in monasteries, mountain hermitages or hermetic religious or eco-social groups, and they find happiness when they meet people or angels similar to them. You can have the impression that they’re angels impersonating human beings and they’re led by different noble ideas of spiritual of altruistic character. Their characters are developed with natural differences and it is visible  from their childhood that they don’t belong to their families, they are not suitable for classes, schools or universities, and if they’re artists or scientists then their noble and far-reaching thoughts seems to be totally unclear to the rest of society. They resemble the nature of creatures like Saint Francis from Assisi, well-known in European culture, living and teaching against the established rules of the official religion!

We always advise angelic people in therapy about overcoming solitude, to search for some noble commune, religious community, where they could become more self-aware and it will be easier for them to find brotherly souls, which could help them feel love or friendship. Most people suffer from solitude because of harm, frustrations and disappointments. They are disappointed because of people and they cannot see themselves in close relationships of the third level. Therapeutic groups similarly to hermetic groups of human avant-garde, which is small minor spiritually-religious communities, pay close attention to the therapy of interpersonal relationships, to removing and transforming all that prevents a man from finding friendship or happy love. Long-lasting memberships of a therapeutic group can help you to overcome initial obstacles and learn a way of creating interpersonal relationships, pure and good relationships, initiating and keeping friendships. It’s particularly important for the people with schizophrenia, who socialise with difficultly and function differently among others, to get accustomed to the possibility of meeting people and come back from “psychotic exile” and isolation. Groups of psycho-synthesis and creative psycho-education invite all those interested, to their centres and workshops, trainings and vacations. And we should remember that every life can be changed for the better!

Himalaya Master

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