Hatha Yoga | Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation)
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Hatha Yoga is a shelter for people hurt by three kinds of sufferings (acts, emotions and thoughts). Hatha Yoga builds in it’s practice real rock of spiritual realization for persevering people. Hatha Yoga generally occurs in two forms known as Kriyapada and Anuttarapada. First accents subtle exercises of perfecting form of the body (-ies), and the second excessive seclusions and intensive practice of concentration.

Hatha term consists of two syllables: Ha and Tha. “Ha” is energy of Prana, the force of life, a symbol of reality, shape of Shiva Lord, also heavenly water and heavenly wisdom. “Tha” is lunar reception, romantics, pleasure and also the concentration. Ha is the sun, and Tha is the moon. Solar energy mean tension, tightness, and lunar energy strengthens relaxation, slackening and the rest. This way syllable Ha refers to the stream of solar nostril called Pingala, and Tha refers to lunar nostril called Ida. Tightness and slackening, tension and the rest are appropriate ways of balancing the Pingala and Ida energy.

Well-being can be achieved in cultivating Hatha Yoga by appropriate psychical attitude. So we care for such features like: joy, perseverance, courage, wisdom and faith! The trust in instructions if Guru and true desire for spiritual guiding of own spiritual master is necessary. You should restrain yourself from spiritual blindness of elevating your own religious faith over others. Yogi must liberate from worries caused by the mind, restrain from causing evil, harms, damages, thefts and frauds. Speaking the truth, sincerity, abstemiousness, tolerance, sympathy, modesty and the force of good will are

Seven Groups of practice, that Hatha Yoga includes:

Shodhana (Shatkarman) – Six Purifying Rituals;
Dridhata (asana) – strengthening form of the body, force, deftness;
Sthairyam (Mudra and Bandha) – state of stability and silence;
Dhairyam (Pratyahra) – patience, perseverance, soothing;
Laghvan (Pranayama) – lightness, insight, brightness;
Pratyaksham (Dhaana/Dhyana)- sensitiveness, recognizing;
Samadhi – ecstasy of the body of light, seclusion, peace;

Hatha is perception of reality, concentrating prana (heavenly water of life), pleasure of concentration on the shape of Shiva Lord, the moon assuming solar prana (energy), is a delight of receiving and concentrating heavenly wisdom. Hatha term means the balance or equalization of Pingala and Ida energy, energy of the sun and the moon, both activity and passiveness, radiance and passiveness. Balance brings great Power, Force, and it’s exactly the essence of Batha term.

Hatha Yoga is also perfect psychophysical training for Fighters cultivating spiritual arts of fighting, because as far as I know Hatha Yoga is a basis for practicing Indian Kalaripayat, which is a source of all oriental arts of fighting, like Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Qi-Kung and other features worth carrying and developing during Hatha Yoga training.

Jina or Jayna is a Winner who had curbed the desire of materializing, the winner of enlightenment, knowledge and freedom. This word describes accomplished Natha, who is a great heroe, the winner of body and senses, Mahawira. Jina is a personification of perfect Natha (Adept, Guard, Path). Shriwatsa of the highest knowledge of divine creature’s heart emanates from the heart in the form of double vajra, which Natha considers and carries as the symbol of the Hatha Yoga purpose.

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