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Millions of people dream about longevity, about long life, but there are many various causes for leading maximally healthy and long life on this Earth, and many of them were repeated by Sages and Prophets for thousands of years, they are often accepted and repeated by honest scientists of each era. Nutrition, emotional peace and respecting a few eternal Rights of Nature gives a picture of elementary basis of long and healthy life. We can brood over ancient long-living societies and take their lifestyle as a pattern to imitate, although today there also are also long-living communities. Choosing a vegetable diet, eating vegetarian food with periodic fasts, rest from eating, drinking healthy, clear, fresh water, sleeping at night and staying up during the day, moderate eating without overeating, a lot of movement in fresh air, being in the nature, emotional peace, avoiding worries, shocks and stress – these all are invariably good pieces of advice for humanity, to live long and stay healthy.

Length of life increases with the level of education, and people who still learn, experience and explore new issues, live on average 20 years longer than those, who are not willing to study, explore, experience or learn. Deepening the knowledge and understanding is an important factor for health and longevity. Scholars and people who learn generally tend to be ill rarely, which should be often reminded. Solving riddles and puzzles, gathering the knowledge favours long live and it helps use the gene of life length, and human organism according to ancient wisdom is prepared for living 120 years on average, so this age can be achieved by the whole society. We can say that healthy lifestyle is pictured by the number of centenarians in human society. Study, learn, and the more universal your knowledge will be the better for your health, life and longevity!

Apart from obvious things like vegetarian, vegetable diet, based on corns and seeds, fruit and vegetables or nuts a man should avoid things that attract blood and misfortune, thinking about the good life of the first people in blissful Garden of East, in the Garden of Eden it’s very easy to learn the rules of life. By avoiding poisons like alcohol, which definitely destroys and degenerates the brain and makes it impossible to learn and experience and degenerates the character, causes diseases, a man definitely improves his health and lengthens his life. Once there were long-living civilisations, where the period of human life was measured with a millennium, and it was a Golden Age of humanity. Unfortunately, bad and wicked life, eating bodies of dead animals, drinking alcohol, refusal to education have caused the fall of longevity and have shortened the time of their life to about 120 years, and often even to 60 or 70!

All systems of natural folk medicine - either Chinese, Indian, Slav or Native-American, all over the world refer to the possibility of lengthening the life and making it healthy, but a man has to undergo some kind of discipline, like for example regular, usually few-day-long fasts for purifying the organism. People who don’t eat for 24 hours once a week as well as people fasting for 3 days a month avoid many diseases and become psychically and physically immune. The fast can heal from many serious illnesses and diseases in a wonderful way, and great Sages often used to demonstrate how to cope with long fasts for healing and liberating from habits, addictions and weaknesses. A fast strengthens the will of life and the force of surviving, although children below the age of 12 usually are not allowed to fast longer than the number of years that they live on the Earth, because they need to develop and grow up. A fast of an infant is a one-day fast – accessible and really recommended for the health and happiness of every human being!

The Symbolism of the Tree of Life in Holy Books indicates, that a man in some conditions could live eternally (long-living) in the Paradise on Earth, however, you must consider, dear man, in what neighbourhood your great-fathers used to live, where they could enjoy happiness and health and had the right to the fruit of the Tree of Life, to eliminate the death. The fact that people nourishing only or mainly on the tree fruit are the healthiest and live longest should be a direction for the whole humanity! Another direction should be the life in the Garden, close to the nature, with plenty of healthy plants and flowers! But still the healing power of herbs is well-known, and the work of herbalists is very useful in the field of health and life! Existing in connection and harmony with the Rights of Nature, the Rules of Nature is the life of the first people in the blissful space of Eden Garden in the East. It’s not a surprise that the societies of the East live the longest, and vegetable diets of health and longevity and healthy exercises among the nature are well-known in Orient Culture.

Hippocrates thought, that the basis for leading a good life is appropriate, vegetable nutrition with huge amount of fruits, periodical fasts and clear, healthy water from healing sources, avoiding drinking wine and all strong alcohol beverages too often, he recommended frequent walks and exercises among the Nature, work in the garden or in the field. Every man can easily prepare appropriate vegetarian diet of health and longevity and care about satisfying amount of movement, march or jog and do gymnastics in the forest or in the garden, if only it’s not too late for saving his life and health. Every man can throw away his life poisoning habits of drinking alcohol, drunkenness and try to avoid poisoning fumes like nicotine or various car fumes! The fight for solar batteries and hydrogen fuel that lasts from the beginning of the century should be a part of live of every reasonable man who wants to live long and healthily on the Earth, because decreasing the amount of poisoning and harmful petrol or carbon fumes means caring about purity of air for your lungs and nobody should depreciate it.

The art of deep breathing, very popular in whole Eurasia, in previous times was based on full breathing with clear air, regulating and keeping the breath for increasing the vitality, lengthening and keeping the life. A man cannot accept obediently all disadvantages of the western civilisation of death, and should treat caring about health, pure nourishing, pure water and air as the most significant matters. Avoid walking through the streets full of fumes, avoid eating meat, poultry, fish and replace them with fruit, cereals, vegetables and nuts. Drive away from the addicted to nicotine – the killers of health and life, drive away from car drivers with their pipes exhausting petrol fumes. Hydrogen engines are cheaper, healthier and safer, and water steam is their safer “fume”! And instead of carbon or oil power station, you’d better build solar batteries on roofs, windmills and water power stations, and every man must demand it and go for it, to change the planet into a Paradise of health and longevity!

Vegans and vitarians live a dozen or so years longer than carnivorous people, abstainers who care about sobriety also live much longer! The majority, over 80%, of road or building accidents is caused by drunkenness. The majority of rapes and crimes is committed under the influence of alcohol and drugs! How longer and healthier you could live if only you applied to the simplest rules of long and healthy life. Help each other and support each other in your healthy aspirations, and you will be, dear people, always Happy!

Himalaya Master

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