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Healing is great ancient art and the more advanced human nature culture and civilization are, the more focused they are on the natural medicine, prophylaxis and healing. Body organs are active during all the seasons and the biological clock of activity is well known to everybody, which makes it easier to heal and cure more effectively for the power of the medicament is stronger when it is given at a proper time of the day. Diseases have their time of intensified activity: it is a common knowledge that asthma attacks are most fierce between 2 and 6 am of the local time because the pre-dawn period is the time when nature wakes up to its everyday life! Chronobiology was known in the ancient times and natural medicine such as Ayurveda or CMT (Chinese Traditional Medicine) know perfectly well about daily times of maximal and minimal activity of every important body organ and system. health nucleus is the main organ that controls the body clock of health of the whole bodies of people and mammals! Many medicaments must be taken at a specific time of the day in order to work, or work most efficiently since time has important influence on its effectiveness! Early dawn or late evening are the best times for internal concentration, reflection, prayers and meditations also those focusing on healing of the body and psyche. Putting thoughts, emotions, experiences and impressions in order every day has a big influence on the functioning of a human body, therefore, it is a simple tip to practice every morning and evening the exercises which purify the mind and boost spiritual focus!

Keeping or regaining health in case of people who are contaminated with western civilization of death is, among others, about coming back to natural food, which is biologically pure, normal, free from toxic additives, dyes or preservatives. When harmful ingredients such as tartazine, dye of bright yellow colour or sodium benzoate are withdrawn from the diet, the number of hyperactive and aggressive behaviour of children decreases, the hyperactivity disappears, children are free from it. Their ability to concentrate and focus improves, children do not fidget and do not show such psychotic activities as they did when under the influence of those few harmful substances. Artificially dyed food or chemical preservatives are a curse that destroys our health. Allergies are often an effect of harmful, artificial additives to food or of food pollution by plant crop protection products. Wise civilizations do care about natural agriculture, biodynamic agrarian culture without toxic preservatives or artificial dyes which can only ruin human health. Overfeeding yourself with empty and toxic calories is another serious problem, and it is known for centuries that it is better to eat less food which has more values than eat more of any kind of food! Low calorie diet is good for many diseases, it prevents diseases and can significantly prolong your life! Not only did holly ascetic go on a healthy, low calorie diet but so did everybody who wanted to live long and healthily on his planet. We can prevent ourselves from major killer-diseases by eating less empty calories, avoiding poisonous additives, food dyes, harmful preservatives and avoiding white poisons: white flour, white sugar and white salt which destroy human health and life!

Preparing healthy, low calorie meals free from toxic additives needs some experience and knowledge. It is a better and healthier way of life and limiting yourself to two or even one meal a day but of a higher quality and diversity instead of choosing any meal is not a problem. Wise men always choose healthy food, vegetarian food consisting of plants and plant products, they avoid toxic products such as meat or giblets. Keeping low calorie diet, even in case of really hard working people prolongs significantly the average life of the population! It is enough to have 1800 – 2100 calories a day, depending on the body weight and metabolism in order to slow down the ageing processes, prolong life, avoid cancer, heart attacks, diabetes, schizophrenia or dementia. It is true that a man should like and love what he/she eats but at the same time food should be free from poisons, pollution, it should provide us with the necessary vitamins, amino acids and other such important elements. Food must be biologically vital, not killed by radiation which is lethal to life, as it happens in the western civilization of death. The more naturally grown food the better for health it is. Rotten and moulding products should also be avoided as mould can cause many disgusting kinds of cancer, especially the tumorous ones! Food consisting of fruit, vegetables, nuts and herbal teas is the most optimal for health and long life of a man on earth. According to religious legends the first people and their offspring lived long, they lived up to 1000 years because the food in the Garden of Eden was mainly of plant origin.

Vegetable fats of omega-3 type are very important to the diet of love and youth, they can be fund in linseed oil, nuts, portulaca oleracea, olive oil, or rape oil. Vegetable omega 3 fats have always been considered to be a factor with stronger curing potential than similar fats from some fish (such as wild salmon, tuna or mackerel)! Linseed oil or consuming linseed  every day, which used to be a common practice, is a very important element of healthy eating since oils with vegetable omega 3 fats include electric charge that boost all the life functions, the power of hart muscle contractions, they optimize the effectiveness of oxygen and dioxide exchange by the red blood cells, they also prevent hormonal distortions. Linseed oil is the best source of omega 3 fats on earth, which protect from vein sclerosis, heart attacks or haemorrhage. Linseed and linseed oil constitute the most economical and effective way of having omega 3 oils in your diet and one or two tablespoons of linseed oil a day is enough for most people to be taken for a healthy diet! Omega 3 fats lower the level of LDL cholesterol and triglyceride, they stop excessive deaths of blood cells, lower the level of fibrinogen and lower the blood pressure in case of it being too high. The gentle nut flavour of linseed oil is another incentive, valour which encourages to use it in food.

Knowing that between 7 and 9 am of the local time (real) the stomach works at its best and 12 hours later (between 7 – 9 pm) at its worst it is very easy to begin to eat healthily by consuming most of the meals before noon when digestion and assimilation of food is best. Spiritually-religious advice to eat most of food before noon is based on scientific knowledge about the biological body clock. Eating when the organism digests best and can minimise the general weight of calories in the products makes it easier to go to a low calorie diet, vegetarian diet based on fruit, vegetables, nuts and cereals! Drinking tea made of common horsetail, fenugreek, wild strawberry, lungwort  or hemp, the plants that are in a group of siliceous, prevents many serious diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, as well as mycosis and it also strengthens the silicon-energetic matrix of the organism. A lot of vitamin C (strawberries, lemons, parsley) is also necessary for the synthesis of collagen – a kind of protein glue which includes silicon (silanolan) and the collagen proteins keep the whole organism together preventing the ruin of the body shape. Silicon herbs can cure many diseases such as epilepsy, thrombophlebitis, hydrocephalus, myopathy, jaundice, asthma, brain fever, cirrhosis, tumorous rash, infertility, schizophrenia, rectal varicose veins, multiple sclerosis and even AIDS or cancer which often is a kind of mycosis. Since all the people suffering from cancer and its complications are reported to have a very low level of silicon in their body, treating them with silicon herbs has its grounds! 

Using a few techniques helping to regain good health together maximises the needed effect of the limited liability to diseases, preserving youth and prolonging life. Health is freedom from doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, therefore, the orthodox chemical pharmacy driven by the possibility of earning on their often unsuccessful products with numerous side effects fights with natural medicine of vegetarianism. Healthy life is vegetarian life with scientifically and carefully chosen optimal menu of plant products. It is coming back to the Garden of Eden, as far as health and longevity are concerned. Those who poison themselves with empty calories and toxic preservatives with ignorance should be aware of the possible suffering from terrible diseases and difficult ageing, usually premature. Just a few herbal, plant products such as linseed oil and field horsetail can improve the chance for health. One must know which time is best for eating and which medicines are most effective. These are the basis of natural medicine for mankind! Purifying your intestines using enema is also a good way to start a new, healthy life!

Himalaya Master

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