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Spiritual Lessons of Himalaya Masters for searchers of truth and pilgrims of Mystic Path of Yoga.
Udânas: MHM
The Message of Himalaya Master. Pearls of Spiritual Knowledge. Answers to bothering questions, advice and directions referring to Spiritual Development, Yoga, Tantra, Meditation, Religion, Mystics, Ayurveda.
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The Himalaya Tirtha Sangha is an esoteric secret school for men and women of the contemporary times who have the intention to explore the great synthesis of teachings conveyed by ascended masters – these few ones, who had their triumph in each epoch and who now belong to the circle of our brothers and sisters on the Spiritual Development Path. The patrons of The Himalaya Tirtha Sangha are such spiritual celebrities as Kalkin-Maitreya, also called Christ or the Messiah, Rishi Dattatreya, Djwahl Khul Khan, Lord Morya and Menaka, Padmasambhawa, Shirdi Sai Baba, Baba Shivananda, Archangel Raziel and Raphael, Archangel Uriel, the Lord of Yogis Himself- Shri Shiva Yogeshvara, as well as a great celestial crowd of saints, masters, prophets and angels ”dressed in white robes” – the Great White Fraternity, the Communion of Saints. They convey their spiritual powers, advice, inspiration, accomplishments as well as verbal teachings to those who would like to follow in their footsteps to reach the sources of this unique reality which the masters have already attained.

The Himalaya Tirtha Sangha signifies primarily spiritual lifestyle, which is integral yoga, an essential part of all religions and each spiritual culture which realises itself as already initiated and evolving international community of the Age of Aquarius. Here, ancient truths become the law of everyday life for hundreds of kindred souls who have assembled in order to fulfil the mission of all the prophets who have come to the earth in former eras, in unity of the divine Spirit of All Times (The Spirit of the Seven).

HTS is an informal, non-denominational spiritual organisation of ecumenical nature, which has been called up with a view to propagating the spiritual Message of Laya Yoga. It has been operating in Poland since the year 1983 and remains the biggest esoteric school of spiritual development based on the mystery of the traditional shivaic yoga and sanathana dharma – the eternal Vedic knowledge.

”The Mistery Order”, i. e. the seven-stage Laya Yoga, constitutes the basic spiritual acitvity of bards and sages of Himavat, which, considering all its aspects, bears the name of The Himalaya Tirtha Sangha. Thus, Laya is the heart and the foundation of spiritual efforts of this ancient Laya Fraternity. The path consists of seven levels, or chambers, that lead to the exploration of the Shrine of Eternal Silence deep inside one’s heart, where the seat of the SOUL (Purusha) is. We refer to the stages of initiation in the Path of Heart as Laya Marga (the Path of Absorbtion, the Way of Dissolution).

Sangha means ”community”, ”fraternity”, ”path” as well as ”order”. The term ”Laya” is to be interpreted as ”Mistery” here, as much as the most adequate word for the term ”Sangha” here would definitely be ”Order”. Therefore, the Order of Mystery as a whole organisational structure of the message of laya yoga should be treated as a translation of the term Laya Sangha, which defines the community of all persons who have received an initiation into laya yoga or its auxilliary methods (guru yogas). The term ”order” is used in the ordinal system of all levels of yoga and in the hierarchical structure of teachings. In its essence it conveys the meaning of the Order of the Discipline Path, which every authentic path of spiritual development always is. The Laya Fraternity or the Absorption Community is also a good and proper translation of the term Laya Sangha! We can also call it the Fraternity of Mystery and consider it as another correct term: whether it sounds good or not is an issue of taste, a purely formal one.

Mystery (Misterium) signifies a journey along the mystical spiritual path, which is as white as mist. The word ”mystery” or ”misterium” is in fact derived from the word ”mist”. In mysticism the image of mist is used to illustrate the light of the Holy Spirit which envelops the earth. The ”helm” means to be guided or led in the right direction, it simply means the capacity to be guided. In the language of mantras Mi signifies the orientation towards oneself, and Um signifies the consciousness of Shiva, Grace. In terms of mantra and meaning the whole word resounds in a specific way which entirely conveys the essence of the word Layah. Particularly, the appearance and disappearance, as if in misty weather, so characteristic of spiritual people. It reflects the sense of sayings such as ”he disappeared as if a cloud of mist enveloped him”, ”He vanished into thin air”.

So, there is The Mystery Order in English, or Laya Sangham in Sanskrit, appearing as terms which define the organisational structure of Laya Yoga Teachings and its auxilliary methods. The Organisation (Sangha), i. e. community or order, constitute one of the traditional and, at the same time, basic tools which serve spiritual development. Indentifying oneself with the organisation of communal nature means identification with a definite path of internal transformation, which laya yoga in fact is, and this identification with the path leads to highest spiritual accomplishments (for comparison: Jesus or Buddha keep repeating ”I am the path”). Lack of identification, non-identifying oneself with the community of all those who practise is preceived by spiritual teachers as one of the main obstacles on the way of self-development. The feeling of unity and belonging to a group of all the initiated ones heightens the soul and paves its way towards enlightenment. Never separate yourself from the spiritual community and you will undoubtedly attain spiritual liberation and unite with God.

One of the basic techniques of spiritual development and, consequently, yoga practices, is work for the development of spiritual community. Seva or karma yoga are all communal activities, as well as activities performed for the benefit of the community. As long as they are not tainted with traces of fanaticism and condemnation of other communities or spiritual orders, they are one of habits which are worth recommending on the path leading to liberation. Lord Shiva recommends that all yoga followers should develop spiritual bondage with the community of all other people who practise yoga!

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