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A day, when a man begins to understand that he/she should work with himself/herself and make an effort of inner transformation, is the day of a great deed. The light of knowledge and understanding awakens in a man under the influence of life practice, many years of deep and intensive search, a long period of fervent research, study and creative effort. Veda is the light of knowledge and understanding which turns on in a man, in all eager researchers and explorers, as a result of solid and responsible spiritual, internal studies. When you often consider human important concepts such as Veda, sooner or later you will achieve the favour of knowing the truth and wisdom. People pass through life fuelled by their desires, they were even born to this world because of their desires and they receive what they long and often think about, what they expect and fear, because every thought is in fact a kind of a driving force. Think about the Guru, and you'll be close to the Guru, think about poverty, and you will be poor and hungry. The world is the sum of human desires and the man, to change his life and the world for the better, must change his/her desires and connect with those who think and dream like him/her. If you really want the world to change for the better you should immediately join those who have a vision of a better world and work on its realization. Even one percent of people in the country can effectively influence the course of events, and five percent of people can effectively control the entire society

Changing your life and the surrounding world for the better always begins with a change of one’s heart, consisting of improving yourself so that the man becomes exactly the person he/she would like other people to be. This is the initial and basic work consisting of changing the paradigm of thinking and focusing the mind, imagination on creating new, better living conditions. Always think that you attract and gain all the resources and opportunities for realization of the intended goals. Think very often and say that you can what you want, you have what you want and that you always achieve what you plan. Make the strength of will and the power of possibilities your own reality in order not to lose yourself in the desires of weaknesses, which are created by joined powers of different social groups starting from family as a basic unit. On what and how you think depends your future and the future of the mankind, which is  in a relation with you, and this is your family, city, country and even continent. The larger group of people gathers in one place to intensively design the future, the greater is its impact on the fate of the country and society. The strength of the group energetically united by joined thoughts can overcome even greatest obstacles and win. Historically, the army of Arjuna on the Kuru Field was much smaller, and the enemy forces outnumbered them in ratio of 11:7, but the power of faith and trust, God’s help in a good cause helped the army of Arjuna to win over evil. The one who has changed himself/herself with the power of Yoga, is more powerful and if he/she really tries to do his/her best, he/she will be successful.

The real culture is the share of great Sages and the divine spiritual culture passes through the centuries, and every man has the right to it, if he/she only wants to take advantage of it. Faith must be wise, otherwise, it is worthless, and the man must reject sick dogmas that are contrary to common sense and historical facts. Human spiritual practice often begins with reflections and search of the meaning, purpose and origin of a human being, the meaning and purpose of one’s own individual life. The three fundamental questions: where I come from, who I am, what I am aiming at, always accompanied the mankind, philosophers, wise men, shamans and monks of all the cultures that have ever existed. The three fundamental questions serve as a means to analyse the past, the present and the future, the questions about what was before birth and conception, about who the man really is and what will happen after the death of a human being, and these issues are often the cause of existential crisis and life breakdowns, depressions. The contemplation itself on the issue brought up in one of the philosophers’ questions can help a man to broaden his knowledge about his own identity and help to discover the subtle areas of self-awareness, to know himself better. Sooner or later, the life forces every human being to reflect on these important issues and to explore oneself.

Guru offers you his support, man, so that your life could gain a deeper meaning, so the fullness of your humanity could manifest and blossom. Everyone is born on this planet because of their own desires, attachments, images, and everyone can find inside him/her the thoughts which are the reason of this life, then clear them, dissolve or transform them to free yourself from the necessity of being reborn. What happens in the lives of outstanding Sages is often caused by human social ignorance to the artistic good given by artists, writers, poets and inventors who are the people of knowledge and wisdom. Everyone is, first of all, responsible for his/her fate, and if he/she does not feed the hungry and clothe the naked, he/she will find himself/herself in a similar situation; this is how the right of seed and crop works. A man learns the selfless service, good deeds for the family, social and spiritual community, and then he/she is awarded with good fortune in turn. The Sages expose themselves to danger coming to the mankind as Guru with the Message from God, but still they come despite the fact that people often kill, imprison or torture God's Messengers, what actually happens in every century of human existence, in every country. The one who takes the Messenger of God, Guru as an ordinary man, is not very bright intellectually, and many do not want to recognize Him because of their bad, ungodly and harmful tendencies. In fact, evil is only the one who speaks and thinks something bad about the Messenger of God, Guru who is carrying out the God's will on Earth. A man, if he sincerely wishes to change his life for the better, will certainly meet people, and sometimes even the Angels in human bodies, who will help him to make even the most revolutionary changes in himself and in his life.

Human beings are aware of their lives and because of this self-consciousness and their lives every man is responsible for shaping his own life, which is essential spiritual teaching of the mankind. Thinking of the name of God, focusing in silence, praying or meditating, all of these are necessary spiritual practices and techniques for self-improvement and making life better. It is necessary to learn a good prayer from the good and competent Teacher, who is Guru, the Master of every human soul on Earth. Learn the techniques of spiritual practice and give yourself eagerly to Yoga and Tantra exercises, practice with fervour and you will achieve results and introduce all positive changes in yourself and your life. Faith is a constant practice, and who does not practice prayers and meditations has no faith, is ungodly. Each human being has his/her own will, can learn and develop, but people, who constantly learn, study and develop, generally live several years longer than those who don't learn. A man is the creator of his own destiny and what he sows is what he reaps, he must understand the law of karma, retribution, and know exactly how it works. Philosophers and psychologists are not able to help people unless they know the techniques and practices increasing awareness and leading to the development of spiritual culture and power. 

Mutual understanding is not less important than the deep understanding of oneself. The energetic, spiritual unity of all humankind is one of the fundamental aims of the evolution of the mankind, the human race. To cure egoism, selfishness and egocentricity is a big task for all modern therapeutic schools of personal development, and Seva, an unselfish activity for the good of society as a whole, is a measure of human spirituality. Before you study the hidden secret knowledge, Khandakam, man, you need to order and direct your mind well, come close to one of the Messengers of God, whose existence on Earth in your times is real; you need to reinforce the spiritual practice, so that nobody and nothing could pluck you out of it. You must completely clear your mind from all the false views which block fulfilment, understanding and enlightenment. Start your spiritual practice, because the Supreme Being supports and protects a man in direct proportion to his/her spiritual practice and unselfish support of the people in need. Be generous supporting the spiritual goals of the Holy Masters, the Guru of this planet, be generous and open-handed to your relatives, help the defenceless and the helpless!

Himalaya Master

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