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Nathasampradaya Hatha Yoga

“The young, elderly, middle-aged, as well as the ill and feeble can achieve their goals if they systematically practise yoga” - (Hathayogapradipika)

Bournemouth (UK) – Boscombe
Tuesday 7.30pm – 9pm

Hatha Yoga - many years of experience have confirmed that yoga exercises and techniques are beneficial to a human organism. Man’s psyche is closely connected with their health. Therefore, a human being ought to be healthy, happy and full of energy. Moreover, one should think in a positive manner and constantly develop. A healthy body and mind as well as complete vitality are normal attributes of one’s life which is our inalienable, natural right.

The result of the balance between positive and negative energy is perfect health while disturbance of this balance leads to numerous ailments. Therefore, Hatha Yoga is a complete system of maintaining homeostasis. It comprises purposeful physical exercises which are accompanied by deliberate directing vital energy to particular body systems – i.e. muscles, joints, glands and nerves – and thanks to it your body becomes a submissive and efficient apparatus. Combination of specific body positions with breathing control allows to remove toxic substances from your body, nourishes it and strengthens its nervous system.

Hatha Yoga gives the opportunity to be in good shape as well as it stimulates endocrine glands. Hence, it helps to regulate and stabilise your emotions. Release from nervous tension allows to meet constantly increasing requirements of our present-day life.

Action plan:
• Learning of complete yoga breathing
• Hatena (physical and stationary breathing exercises)
• Pavana Muktasana, Saravhitasana (relaxing and introductory exercises)
• Sets of physical exercises
• Asana (yoga positions)   

Program of the activities includes individual exercises (for the elderly with health problems) as well as workshops for children aged 6 or more.

Classes are run by Dakshani

Further details and enrolment  on (044) 75 40191960
or email:

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