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Dance brings Spiritual Happiness and that’s why the whole real spiritual culture uses practice methods based on cultivating spiritual dancing, which is especially recommended by mystics of Sufi tariqa (path) and the students of Indian tantra. Shiva Mahadeva, the Master of tantra and yoga, is well-known to billions of people as a creator of 108 ways of dancing, because different forms of spiritual dancing can express various spiritual ideals. There are very precise forms of dancing, practiced in the Far East by well-qualified female or male dancers, but there are also many forms of spiritual dance practiced in different areas by a few people or much more numerous groups of spiritual dancing, practiced ecumenically by people of different religions and cultures in order to get to know and get closer to other people and to deepen their spiritual practice, experience by such an artistic and expressive form of spiritual practice. Dancing brings Spiritual Happiness, brings people closer and unites them, and it is practiced both by Japanese sintoists in their temples and in Indian culture as Mahadeva (Archangel) Dance or in Islam culture by various Sufi groups. It’s worth reminding that original evangelic community of the Students of Jesus, Apostles, practiced 10 verses of popular Lord’s Prayer as a dancing form, sung and danced by the whole spiritual community during or rather instead of Service, God’s Adoration (JHWH) obviously in Aramaic! Dance as a spiritual practice is also known on the western hemisphere, in both Americas as the Dance of Indian shamans, and Celts, Helens and Romans danced too, and also Slavs, and the Dance was a form of spiritual – artistic expression, practice of adoration and contemplation. Tantric Kirtan from India, Persia and Tibet includes spiritual music, dancing movements with gestures (mudra) and collective singing of spiritual songs, which spiritual people learn to dance, well-known as bhajans!

Researches of contemporary science of people and groups practicing Dancing as a form of constant, regular practice show, that Dance is good for relieving tensions and stress and also for transforming negative feelings and relieving aggression. New spiritual culture that is becoming more common makes spiritual Dancing, with religious and psychological elements of different spiritual cultures, a good form of therapy for the difficult young, prisoners, insane and other groups of the high risk. Because of spiritual practice, which group Dance is, joined with collective singing, the ability of healing psychosis, depressions and functional disturbances increases, and above all the contact with family and environment improves. The Dance helps overcome psychological problems, loneliness or isolation. Because of collective singing and dancing human characters always change for good, and aggressive impulses disappear, which is especially good for teenagers, as spiritual sacral culture of universal character.

Shiva Mahadeva, the King of Dance, Music and Singing is called Sabhapati, the Lord of Saturday or Lord of Community, because for thousands of years Saturday afternoons and evenings in the whole Eurasian culture were meant to be the time for meetings and congregations with music, collective singing and spiritual dances full of expressive feelings, relaxation and good mystical, spiritual fun. Promoting sober and healthy spiritual fun such as Dance with Singing and Music is the bases for the rebirth of humankind, and for building New Age. All trends of new, refreshed spirituality contain the elements of collective, group dancing, and 108 forms of Siva Dance are undoubtedly a universal, methodic base, on which Sufi Dance, sinto Dance and all kinds of shaman Dances are based in whole Eurasia, because Europe and Asia in fact create one supercontinent and the cradle of humanity. Some say that Siva, the King of Dance, cultivates Spiritual Dancing each evening, after the darkness falls, to liberate all Earthy creatures from slavery of suffering and to take them into the state of heavenly Happiness, Contentment and Felicity. Damaru, a drum in an hourglass shape on which the dancing rhythm is beaten, is an attribute of a spiritually dancing Master. 9 basic forms of dancing are described in widely available Indo-European Siva Nataraja books, the King of Dance and Dancers, and the Nataraja name is commonly used as an aspect of Shiva Master by dancing tantrics, yogis and shaktis.

Sabhāt in other words is an Indian name of Saturday, Sabbath, supra-cultural day of dancing, music, and games, intuitionally desired by totally ordinary people who organize dancing evenings, games, parties, and even concerts with collective singing and dancing exactly on Saturdays. The word Sabbath comes from Sanskrit, Latin of Indo-European culture, well-known in Helen, Celtic or Slav culture, and it means the Community of Souls or Community of Selves or Spiritual Relaxation, because Atma(n) is Soul, Self, Spirit so an Internal Human. Tantric idea of joining Shiva and Shakti, and it’s a God and Goddess, is described in spiritual forms of the Dance of Himalayan Masters and is a particularly recommended spiritual from of sublime entertainment for couples, marriages, families and lovers, because many dancing forms are about playing love scenes and showing forms of spiritual, correct expression. Some say that Dancing in the rhythm of sublime singing or music can be healing and has exorcising powers over every bad forces or energies, and also one of the best Polish poets says: “Where you hear singing, go there, there are people of good hearts, and bad people, believe me, they never sing!”. Singing, music and spiritual Dancing weakens and removes evil on many different levels, but there are still many good people in the world, that participate in this form of entertainment and education of divine, sublime character, the entertainment which bad people avoid and are afraid of, because it purifies and fixes their distorted characters!

Dancing is a spiritual practice required in India from every Samnyasin, and many lofty Yogis, Tantrics are great leaders who create spiritual music, compose songs that cheer and comfort, people’s spirits and they organize regular spiritual entertainment for the whole community! Universal human religion, which is approaching very fast, will be set on the spiritual culture of group dancing, singing and playing music. We call spiritual leaders of new religious, esoteric, healing and artistic communities to do as much as they can for creating and promoting spiritual culture, dancing and singing based on the rules of harmony of subtleness and sublimity, and tons, grace and fluency of dance movement will help a lot, as much as the depth of the voice.

Apasmāra is a kind of evil force, energy or creature, a kind of demon, which leads to ignorance and stupidity, insanity, lack of balance and harmony, egoism, loneliness and isolation. Dancing Shiva is a symbol and force of spiritual victory over egoistic madness, and stupidity of chaotic, inharmonic way of life of people with mind disorders, social pathologies or self-destructing habits. Dancing is a perfect therapy for people living in the illusions of autistic and lonely-like characters. Let the King of Dance, Nataraja Shiva, win with all the demons that poison the life and minds of human beings. Dance Shiva, Dance Shakti until the illusion (Mara) goes away – these are the words of God to every man and every woman!

Shiva is a well-known name in the whole Asia and Europe, a name adored by all Slav, Helen, Semic, Roman, German nations, because Siva is Archangel Master (Mahadeva) of all science, art, religion, magic, of any form of cultural expression. Those who fight with harmonic art, music or dance, sculpture or painting, who fight with scientific real knowledge in any field, they are incarnate evil (fiend) fighting with heavens, divinity and truth! Shiva is a universal patron of 9 planetary Muses, Goddesses of science, arts, religion and magic in all traditionally accepted forms with particular consideration of natural ecstatic spiritual culture based on healthy basics and educational fun. Demon of illusion taking over people and isolating them from community into egoism, autism, Apasmara becomes defeated by Mahadeva, Archangel of Dance, Nataraja, who is also the creator of dancing forms well-known to spiritual Fighters of Kung-Fu or Karate as Kata, fluent, dancing forms of divine martial art (Kalarpayat). Agama Tantra describes precisely 9 basic forms of sacral, spiritual Dance including 27 gestures (mudra, raqs) which are used for expression and metamorphosis of internal creature, and for every God’s admirer Dancing is the closes form of practicing, entertainment and fun! Semi-Christian culture considers this form of working on yourself as the cult of Archangel Michael, who himself was a Fighter and Dancer as well. Let the King of Saturday lead you to the Dancing Meeting!

Himalaya Master

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