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Ayurveda is ancient Indo-European system of spiritual natural medicine, revealed by ancient sages and angels like Indradeva, Bhaishajyaguru, Vaidyashiva, Parvatidevi, Ashvinaudeva, Nandideva, Rudrabheshajya or Dhanvantarideva. Especially messages about natural recipe medicine based on herbs and minerals coming from Indradeva are a popular fundament of natural medicine used by Greeks, Slavs (Poles), Indians and other Indo-Europeans. Indian Rshi Sushruta was a great healer indeed and during his great voyages he had taught among others in Greece, where he was better known as Hippocrates, father of European medicine based on herbs-healing and crystal-therapy, dietetics (health nutrition), massages, water-healing, bio-energy-therapy and meditation, in which fields of healing every doctor or healer should be fluent. Bhaishajya (Healing) is ancient, authentic way of educating Spiritual Healers in Indo-European culture, which was created by grand-sages. Bhaishajya – the Healer – brings sacrificial help to all dying or sick creatures, that suffers from pain and unhappiness. Healing energy of life (Prana) can appear as rays of the Sun of Life for all creatures in need, either visible or invisible, that will only ask for it. Traditionally whole Path of Spiritual Healing (Bhaishajya Marga) practiced by adepts of Himalaya (Parvata) line, is divided into 7 basic student levels or stages of initiation (classes of teaching). Introduction in each following stage comes by solemn Initiation Ceremony, which is a transmission of healing power of Great Spirit of Life and a blessing of Vaidyaguru (Guide of Healing). First three levels include basic knowledge and practice, that a beginner Ajurvedic Healer or Therapist must be familiar with.

1. BHAISADHANA (Practice of Healing) – contains few basic exercises of self-healing and spiritual supporting all people in need. It is based on meditation of light (Jyoti) and focusing on light (Sakata), healing sound invocation (Mantram), deep vase-like breath, healing Mudra (Nabhomudra), a ball of light in lotus root tank, deep healing relaxation (yogoda) and protecting prayer (Sharanama). We also develop practice with emerald green, green-blue Ray of Healing in the Center of Jewels and Kapha balancing breathing. Furthermore we practice meditation of harmonising four elements: earth, water, wind and fire in the root center. First level also develops deeper meditations with pure energy of earth element (Prthivi), which enables a Healer to effective applying herbs, mineral or crystalline therapy, so Indrabheshajya. Indrabheshajya basis (literally: Force Healing) includes mud (peat) or soil baths, healing with stones, crystals and metals (Prthivibheshajya), mineral and herbs preparations in a solid state – it all shall be mastered. General effecting healing of Anupanam  (Medicines Medium) like honey (Madhu), Milk (only straight from the cow), Ghi (clarified butter), water (Apa) and cane sugar (brown). Gandhabheshajya, (Aromatherapy) with help of healing fragrances of incenses, aromatic oils and fragrant herbs is the next field of basic work and practice of Spiritual Ayurvedic Healer at the first year of studies. Pavanmuktasana – exercises of healing and correctional Ayurvedic gymnastics (do not mislead it with Hathayoga), beset on tightening and stretching are also required. Basis of diagnostic knowledge in grounds of recognizing five fragrances and the Tridoshaya sketch (Kapha, Pitta and Vata).

2. BHAIABHYASA – (Insistent Practice of Healing) – includes exercises of Spiritual Healer like deeper introduction in Dharani practice, which is a great oath for work as a Healer of all feeling creatures on planet Earth, meditation practice with a ball of light inside the center of Ego, practice with energy of water element (developing healers), balancing breathing Pitta and Bhaimudram, so the ritual of transmission the healing power to all creatures in need and finally the regular practice (especially group one) with intention for those who need recovery. Spiritual practice of Bhaishajyaguru Yoga with Angel of Healing Dharani is indispensable traditional skill of an adept of this stage. Varibheshajya, so using the water (vari, apa) in healing by baths, washing, compresses, enemas, nose and throat pump and regular drinking healing water and rose or honey water, ice water or sandal water indicates basic general direction of studies of the second level. Therapy with hot water (long boiled water), healing with magnetized water with the help of Dharani, and also Kvathas – water infusions and herbs stocks and Sitakasaya – herbs tinctures served cold, it’s also a part of the studies about water healing. Enemas and other treatments unblocking the alimentary canal, so it’s also good to master Paiubheshajya. Rasabheshajya – the therapy with six flavours: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and tart (lowering) including curative properties of various seasoning plants should be mastered. Kaambheshajya, the psychological work with transforming emotional negativities, is also in water spirit of the second level of studies.

3. BHAIPRAJNA (Healing Power, Healing Knowledge) – includes intensive Samudgatamantra practice with dynamic Mudra, which occurs as series of deep bows and visualisation in the form of Perfect Healer, Bhaishajyaguru, and also fuller and deepened version of vase-like breath with Azure Ray of Healing and practice of healing Istamantrams. The basis of spiritual practice of a Healer is now the Nods with 7-syllabled Mantra, which is used for intensive healing people in need. Dhaanvadhyaana lied in deep meditation with 7-coloured sign of rainbow and filling 7 lotus dishes (Chakras) with colours of the rainbow is also a characteristic of third lesson of Ayurveda. Indispensable is also meditation with the bowl of light in the third center called a Garden of Jewels and Great Oath of a healer for offering to work of spiritual healing and bringing help to suffering or dying people. Vata balancing breathing is also practiced, the same as meditations with energy of fire element (Vahni), and also we develop fire therapies, so Agnibheshajya. Initiation leads to studies on healing characteristics of colours and shapes, so it lead to Ruupabheshajya consisting of Dhanvabheshajya (healing with 7 or 12 colours of the rainbow) and Yantrabheshajya that includes full knowledge about Ayurvedic signs and healing symbols and their arrangements (Mandalas). Especially the therapy with the use of colour is significant and besides 12 rainbow colours is also includes 2 invisible ones (Rahu and Ketu) and 2 kinds of whiteness, lunar and solar one. Studies of transmitting healing, colourful rays and signs by eyes is very important, because it’s a basis for opening the transmission canal of spiritual energy through the sight. Manabheshajya – study of using healing thought, autosuggestion and affirmation is also important field of studies. Hranibheshajya – using appropriate healing and balancing cereal-vegetable nutrition and special healing diets and fasts or starvation diets on water (also dry) is another important part of the program of this level of Ayurvedic studies. Among Hranitherapy a healer should precisely study the healing characteristic features of grain and vegetables, and fruits as well! Suryabheshajya – healing with energy of Sun, baths and solar heats is also included in third level of studies, that refers to fire energies. Basis of exorcism art, turning out bad ghosts (asurs, rakshas and pishachas), reliving from black-magical spells and curses should also be mastered, including the knowledge about colours attracting demons and negativities, like grey, brown (dark-grey brown) and black. Therapy with jewels, precious stones (Prthvibheshajya) should be perfectly mastered, the same like fire and water ways of purifying aura from negative emotions. The knowledge of first three levels includes basic skills of Ayurveda Healer and a person who masters it can apply for appropriate therapist’s Certificate confirming Basic Skills of Healer (Bhaishajya Snataka). Ancient Ritual of Healing Rudrabheshajya Kriya can be transmitted with additional initiation!

There are also higher levels of Spiritual Healing powers called levels of realization and connected rather to achieving Spiritual Healing and Enlightenment of a Spiritual Healer. Ancient Ayurvedic Natural Medicine doesn’t include any healing issues that cause negative spiritual side effects like hard drugs (alcohol) or therapy with the use of excrements (urine, faeces) expect from using alcohol externally for the purpose of disinfectant therapies. Also some kind of exception is cow’s urine, which sometimes can be used, but also only externally, for disinfectant purposes and only if we don’t have other medicine. Drugs, alcohol, excrement are used as oral methods (medicines) among therapies coming from black magic and they serve also as a kind of communion with demonic forces. That’s why they’re not recommended as internal medicines among spiritual therapies! Drinking alcohol or other drugs, also excrements, poisons the liver, brain and consciousness (Chittam) and it requires intensive detoxifying treatment and neutralizing unfavourable spiritual side effects!

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