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AHAM BRAHMA-ASMI is the activity of Life, the full action of the Divine, manifesting itself through a human being; with the help of Aham Brahma-Asmi a man opens the source of Eternal Life, the source of spiritual Power and Life Energy. I am the Divine is the information hidden behind the heavenly words Aham Brahma-Asmi; the words which open a man to Light, Love, Peace and Truth, which can be found inside the Divine, Spiritual Nature of each human being. The natural tendency of AHAM ASMI, I am, is Life, Peace, Beauty, Harmony, Profusion, Wealth and every human being has the right to fulfillment, to showing all the perfections of the Divine Nature affirmatively expressed with the words Aham Brahma-Asmi. It is confirming and realizing yourself and calling for your Divinity, that is your own Soul, the Higher Self, or the Enlightened Nature. It is good for every student to study Aham Brahma-Asmi thoroughly on his inner path and to put into practice everything which results from the sphere of consciousness which is Becoming and Being. Aham Brahma-Asmi is the Divinity in Action and the real students of the spiritual path always understand deeply the meaning and effect of these words, of course, in a creative and active way.

Aham Brahma-Asmi is the consciousness of Existing as Soul or the Higher Self; the consciousness of a person who is reconciled with humankind as collective spirit of Humanity; the consciousness of the Spirit of Life on the Whole Planet; the consciousness of Energetic Unification of the Higher Selves, the Enlightened Souls. A Student who is trying to understand these simple and powerful words should pay careful attention to his thinking and speaking, improve the quality of words and thoughts and express himself in a way that will support and develop the activity of his inner power and spiritual strength. “I CAN”, “I AM ABLE TO”, “I WANT TO”, “I WILL LEARN” – these are the words which must have priority in the language of a man – student and they should not be denied because they belong to the field of affirmative, positive thinking and speaking. Aham Brahma-Asmi, also present in the word ABBA (Aham-Brahma plus Brahma-Asmi) in its developed form is a way of self-expression for each intelligent being, humanity, half-divinity, and divinity of Heaven. Upadeva, Demigods (Supermen), perfect the power of Aham Brahma-Asmi, as realisable, active Living Power of Existence, the Power of Being, the Power of Entity. Self-consciousness and Becoming The One You Are is an ideal activity of the Aham Brahma-Asmi state, described by Wendanta and the Bible, where the Angel of the Lord describes himself as I AM WHO I AM, or I AM THAT I AM. The first way in which every intelligent form of conscious life can express itself, can realize itself on the level of the Soul, the Higher Self is Aham Brahma-Asmi, I Am That I Am! Aham Brahma-Asmi is the acknowledgement and expression of one’s individualized Divinity or Spirituality, the basic manifestation of the Soul!

For human beings and demigods Aham Brahma-Asmi is the most powerful law of activity, which can be realised, achieved and used, this is the answer to the question who you are, where you are going, the answer to the question about the sense and purpose of life. Realising Aham Brahma-Asmi every day and improving the sense of being and acting is a task for deeply spiritual people who have a high level of self-realisation. In fact, it is contemplating and perceiving God on the level of one’s Soul, the Higher Self, opening the Source of Life and deriving the Power from it. Aham is I, Higher Divine I; Aham Brahma is the Divine Self. Asmi is BEING, EXISTING, and AHAM ASMI is I AM THE SELF THAT I AM, always and everywhere. Breathing Aham in, holding Brahma and breathing Asmi out is a good form of contemplation for the people who practice Yoga or Tantra and want to work harder on the rhythm and depth of the breath of life. Brahman is Divinity, the Spirit of God, God the Creator of Life, the Divine Power of Creation, the Creating Will. Aham Brahma-Asmi is a Creative Self, and the Divine Power of Creating Life and Events, the power of affirmation, becoming and being what you aim to be, it is realisational power of spiritually fulfilled people and demigods (supermen). In Yoga, SAMITA, which means Being, Existence, defines a person manifesting one’s own individual shaman DIVINITY.

Aham Brahma-Asmi is the Divinity, I AM, which is always Perfect, full of Life, Health and Harmony, and a man should not distort it with words nor thoughts, he should not say bad things about himself or other people, nor about other people who are close to realising their Soul. Aham Brahma-Asmi is perfect health, profusion and happiness; it is peace, truth and perfection, and a man can enter that state of Being and Existing in God within oneself. Studying ABBA is discovering the Magic of Life, the way of using magic, spiritual powers, charisma. Magic resulting from Realising one’s Aham Brahma-Asmi means that a man who is a spiritual Student of Guru is totally based on Divinity, the Spirit of Divinity lying deeply in his heart and lives as the Divine Soul in human body showing the habits, understanding and possibilities of angels and supermen!

Brahma/n as a person is represented by a four-faced figure looking at four directions, which shows truly shaman ability to control the four elements of nature and act in the world through four elements, through each of them separately or by means of four of them at the same time. Brahman is placed in the lowest basic consciousness center known as Muladhara Chakra, the Container of the Basis in the lower part of the body, which reminds us that Brahman’s consciousness, Divinity, Everspirit is the basic achievement for a human being, who becomes a human only when he is aware of God, not before that! Apart from the elements of the nature: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, the four faces of Brahman symbolise the four perfections, spiritual features, the acting of the Divine Soul, which is a Student of Guru; they are Maitri, Karuna, Mudita, Upeksha, meaning Friendship, Sympathy, Happiness and Peace. The acceptance of God’s Presence, the Divinity, Everspirit is a realisable beginning of the Spiritual Path of Humanity; reconcilement with God is a basic process allowing for conscious inner development. Aham Brahma-Asmi means that a human being, the Self, the Soul, being a creation of God is a Child of God, Perfect and Everlasting. We leave Divinity and come back to Deity represented by the Creator – that is the basic rule of Being! Accepting God and one’s Divine Soul is Humanity.

Aham Brahma-Asmi means that a man can be so conscious of God’s Presence that he will know and feel all the time the God’s Radiance, the Spirit coming down on him. The Higher Self, the Divine Creature, Atman is always there and keeps watching his outside, material and astral manifestation, which we deal with. Confirmation in the Divine Being and the Divine Existence through Aham Brahma-Asmi is a good start to practise all kinds of proper, good thinking in every kind of affirmation or advancing the power of thinking. What the Student listens to, what he contemplates or, in more professional terms, attentively meditates, is what the Student accepts, what he agrees and identifies with through the attention he pays. It is important to listen to good lessons from the mouth of authorised teachers and spiritual masters, because the transmission of Enlightenment and God’s Wisdom goes from the mouth of GURU directly to the ears and intellect of the Student and from the Master’s Mind to the Student’s Mind. Therefore, it is important to Listen to and Feel GURU, the MASTER.

We summon you, all the human beings, never to say nor think: “I am ill, poor, abandoned”, because in that way you raise barriers from your Higher Self, your Divine Soul, which, indeed, you are, and you destroy the potential of your inner strength and life energy. You should rather think and say “I am healthy, rich and alive”, or at least “I will be healthy, I will be rich, I will be alive”. That will help your Self-realisation, in contemplating and manifesting Aham Brahma-Asmi, in activating your pure, always virginal, immaculate Divinity. In the name of the God, stop thinking harmful thoughts and stop using expressions that threaten your Divinity, that close the Gate of the Soul, the Higher Self, which you really are, as a result of which you become a den of all evil spirits and demons of iniquity. Become Loving Friendship, Sympathy, Happiness and Peace of the Divine Creature Aham Brahma-Asmi. Think and speak with consideration, control and root out all the bad habits of thoughts and speech which threaten Abundance, Profusion and Wisdom of the Soul! Aham Brahma-Asmi is a perfect prayer, as well as meditation, for each and every man, balanced in the Speech of Angels, Devas, possessing great meaning! May God be with You!

Himalaya Master

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