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Every man depends on God, whether he believes in God or not – it doesn’t influence his internal dependence on the Creator of Live. Humanity as a whole has a strong tendency to spontaneously believe in God, and people who totally negate His existence, are in every society definitely a minority. What’s very characteristic, the closer to Nature people live, the most obvious for them from their own experience is the fact of the existence of Divinity, the Spirit of the Creator of Life. Isolation from the natural environment and lack of contact with nature as well as violent upbringing often deprive a man of the feeling of God’s existence; still, the number of people who do not believe in God’s existence is not more than 8-12% in every society that has been researched so far.

Many philosophers and theologians of all centuries wondered if there is an independent sense of feeling the God, a sense enabling to realise the relation between a man and the Creator, and their researches and statements were based on personal experiences of many people. The number of supernatural events the ones that are beyond the control of physics, is so big that it shows the existence of higher forces and Divinity in a totally different, interesting light, and also opens the gates to learning about totally different, higher, parallel dimensions of being. In every century a huge part of society announced some wonderful events in their life, which changed their mentality, and often the stories of wonderful interventions and amazing rescues were told. We talk a lot about the activity of creatures described as angels, from the higher world, and this activity and presence is usually experienced by 30-40% of people in every society, so, in fact, by every third man.

What’s surprising, in the societies considered as scientific and urbanized, the amount of angelic interventions is not smaller, than in the deeply religious ones, traditionally considered as mainstays of faith. The believing people more often experience little miracles, which are about fulfilling their simple, sincere prayers, and people of weak faith more often undergo various, metaphysical experiences, such as a meeting with God during clinical death, telepathy, or the phenomenon of extraterritoriality. Believing in the existence of Divinity is driven by precognitive dreams, which inform us about events that are going to happen in the near future. Many people live with such experiences in their life, although they often don’t want to talk about it, because they’re afraid of unfavorable reaction of the society. However, great scientists such as Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein or Niels Bohr confirm that they were mystics, and their great scientific discoveries resulted from dreams or experiences of travelling beyond the body

To be closer to God and develop a stronger personal, internal connection, a man should make some simple, little things. The simplest one is an appropriate, good relax in Nature, connected with contemplation of nature’s beauty and subtle influence of plants and aura, the influence of nature on his whole personality and his inner self. This simple step enables the harmony with the Spirit of Life, which is abundantly present there, where Natures lives its natural life. Another simple and little thing is developing gratitude for your own life and existence, gratitude to parents and to the Spirit of Life, which indeed creates the Life. An affirmative and accepting attitude towards your own Life awakens creative forces from the border of physical and metaphysical, spiritual world. We can say that if we accept our life and existence, then invisible forces start helping us and often let us know about them in some way. What’s surprising, in the minority of non-believers the suicides happen most frequently, which shows the connection between the affirmation of life and faith to God on the basis of personal experiences.

Many people remember the events from their early childhood and experience the scenes from the previous life, the Last Judgment or the time of existence from the period between births in some other, subtle sphere. These experiences and memories, although they are muffled and partly forgotten due to parental education, should be remembered and cared for, because they are usually first important evidence, that a man is the Soul, not only the body. Contemplating who we have been before the birth, before the conception and where we come from is recommended by many schools of authentic religions, because it is one of the easiest ways of reaching the visual, deep memory of our own previous existence. Remembering our own life is one of the deeper and more important religious experiences, which is very easy to achieve,  it usually takes about a few months. Obviously, most of the people usually remember some final moments or some facts from their previous existence, so for them its only about deepening this Memento.

A man’s life on this planet usually reminds of a long test of the will of life and the ability to survive, or a long training of the will of life and survival in extreme conditions, and there are places on Earth, where it’s hard to survive. For many philosophers the will of life and training in bearing the adversities and overcoming the elements was like a basic lesson for the whole humanity, offered by a higher force. However, the spiritual or religious studies everywhere on this planet point to the Devotion to God’s Will as a spiritual training, although they do not specify what this Devotion exactly is. But it’s obvious that if God is the Creator and the Source of Life, then Devotion to Him will also be Devotion to Life, and the Will of Life is God’s Will in the practical human dimension of this issue. This way we have a deeper perspective on every human life as well as on the whole history of men, even on its parts connected with undeserved suffering.

Overcoming the undeserved suffering, disease or loss of everything and everyone is one of the hardest life tests, which ancient Eastern Prophet Job experienced in his life as a great test of his faith and devotion. The most important thing is to make the will of life and survival positively strengthened and intensified, because the eternal life in God is undoubtedly more demanding, as far as the will of life and survival are concerned, than a short as a wink of the eye life in a human body in the earthly valley of tears. Mystical experiences help a man strengthen and deepen the faith, which, because of this, becomes the power of life and existence, even in the hardest conditions. Ideal examples of faith and will of life together were holy martyrs such as John Hus, who did not disown his faith based on his mystical experience, even when submitted to bloody tortures and death which were totally undeserved. Although, undoubtedly, it’s a paradox.

The faith exists and will always exist, because it’s innate to us as a certain internal sense, no matter if we’re people or angels of God. It’s an internal feeling of coming from the Creator, which awakens in every person who deeply, sincerely, and consciously considers it. More Spiritually oriented people feel the existence of God as Mumukshu – deep and strong Longing for Paradise, God, Guru, the Longing and Desire for God and any Divinity. Every authentic religion or path helps to kindle this Desire for God, Spiritual Hunger, and it culminates as Bhakti – Love of a man to Life’s Creator and His art, living persons and creatures. The casual hunch of God’s and of higher world’s existence is the first sign of spiritual Aspiration of a man, which is Mumukshu.

Himalaya Master

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