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Chakras (derived from Sanskrit cakram) are well known to all the people that make a journey in their subtle nature to higher, non-physical dimensions of perception of the reality, to the subtle, spiritual and mystic spheres. There are many advanced levels of self-development without working with Chakras, which means without working with 7, 9 or 12 basic Centers of Consciousness in the human body. Chakras belong to the subtle reality, in which more aware people experience dreaming, visions, exteriorization or clinical death. Chakras are main organs of ethereal, vital or lingam cover, and especially, Seven of them starting from the trunk to the top of the head and the space above the head. They are placed in the middle on the vertical body line of the straightened human body and contain the main organs, Psyche, Soul, or Higher Self of each human and animal. The energy centers develop properly and naturally when the human body is straightened, the neck and head are stable and set in one line with the trunk. The chin is slightly pulled to the neck, eyes have a straight focus, the arms are hanging down freely, so the chest and breasts are pushed forwards. The right position during meditations, singing, invocations, prayers, mantras and concentration is very important, because hunched or cringed body position results in disturbed functioning of chakras, which leads to weakening of psyche and will and also chaos of thoughts and physical diseases. Straighten your body naturally and freely because the position is essential and should be the priority.

Seven chakras set in one vertical line along the central energy channel, body axis known as Sushumna is a mirror of the Mount Meru (Mt. Sumeru) – as if a pyramid with seven initiation degrees. The Spiritual Path in its nature always contains the knowledge of Seven Stages of the Path, and the Learning Process – Spiritual Growth refers exactly to the development of properties of certain energy centers compared symbolically to Lotus Flowers, Padmas with a specified number of petals, features and properties. Similarly to a Flower, which requires watering, care, appropriate conditions to its proper development, each Lotus – the Soul Flower requires watering with beautiful thoughts, exercises, sounds or meditations. The full development of each flower takes place in appropriate growth cycles and should be maintained until the flower gives Fruit known as Chakra-Siddhi, which is the Powers of Lotus Flowers. Experiences of Masters of Wisdom show us clearly, that the Learning Path that is a part of the Development Path has strongly determined stages and the period of growing and fructification requires an appropriate Apprenticeship, continuous training and mastering lead by a Master – an experienced Teacher and Guide (Guru).

On the one hand, the process of development and growing of Chakras is natural and is contained in natural cycles, but on the other hand, any plant can grow and bear fruit even without having appropriate development, conditions and care. The Lotus Flowers are the flowers from the garden of the soul and each human being has to be a good gardener for his flowery garden, water and weed it when necessary. We can say that people who do not take care of the Flowers of their Soul, Padmas, Latifs, delay or make their development impossible; fructification in their life and their Garden of the Soul reminds of a fallow of destructive weeds. The Learning Path relies on development and taking care of energy centers, Flowers, from the lowest place on the trunk and from there upwards to the area above the head known as the Crone Lotus, and it’s entered at the end of development possibilities of the human body. The fructification of each Lotus Flower (Siddhi) manifests itself as a Spiritual Gift, Charisma or Soul Power and the students who have  fully developed the Seven Flowers manifest at least Seven Charismas, seven Siddhi such as the Gift of Wisdom, Gift of Healing, Gift of Freeing from evils, Gift of Purity, Gift of Courage, Gift of Advice or Miracles! Each Lotus Flower has its own development path containing a few or more steps, the phases and processes of which are determined by the Lotus Flowers with a specified number of petals. The basic Root Lotus at the bottom of the human body has four Petals, and this number indicates four periods as well as four stages of development and growing, which represents four Seasons or Yugas (Epochs) of Manvantara (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron Century). The four Seasons (winter, spring, summer and autumn) and the agricultural references to sowing, growing and harvest is a good metaphor of the development cycle of a Student at the First Level of the Internal Path. Each Lotus will grow up fully at some time, which is a kind of the Enlightenment or Awakening, however, the durability of this experience reminds of the lights from a Lamp which gives an unusual and specific kind of the awakening light. Christian mysticism also at the daybreak taught about awakening or lighting seven lamps, or rather Seven Chandeliers in the body, which is the Blissful Menorah with seven lamps – a Temple Chandelier.

Every Flower has an extremely subtle and gentle nature, hence, it is necessary to carefully take care of the development of Lotus Flowers, and it requires consequence, patience to take care of the Chakra, until the mystical flower blooms and bears fruit! Six Body Lotuses set up the work rhythm of the Six Earth Levels during the Evolution of Human Higher Self, Soul, and the Seventh Lotus in the Crown Chakra indicates the Heavenly, Non-physical Path. Seven Roads or Paths refer to different levels of a Pyramid, on different Terraces of the Mount Meru (Sumeru), because, in fact, they are the stages of the Big Path, still, these stages can take many years or even all life or several incarnations, depending on student's determination to keep on following the chosen Path. For example, the Heart Lotus – Anāhata Padma, has 12 little petals (energy knots), which gives us a 12-year cycle as a minimal apprenticeship period of a rigorous and very intensive Study. Practice and Service under the leadership of one of the Masters-Teachers, however, it requires enormous zealousness, because the cycle of development and fructification can take up to 36 years if one works slowly and it happens quite often in real life. No one can be considered Awoken in his Heart if he did not take lessons from a Guru or Master intensively for a period of at least 12 years, because this is the fastest full awakening cycle of the Heart Lotus called the Year of Jupiter.

Awakening of Heart Lotus should be done within 12 incarnations, which means that full power development of one petal can happen within one incarnation only. After completing this period the Soul cannot work any longer and turns back from the path of development to the path of fall. Taking into account such subtle laws of evolution, there are many warnings against leaving the right path and the Fall of the Soul. Purifying and development of the Centers of the Higher Self, the Soul, seems to be one of the most essential processes on the Path, and many people, so called spiritually developed people, even instructors or spiritual path and self-development teachers, in fact, do not embrace the entire Path as it is seen by the Masters, but merely their own stage of work connected to only one LOTUS PETAL. That means, for example, that for the Fire Level of Manipura, the Third Lotus with ten petals, one can find 10 types of schools or organizations, students and teachers working on the development of separate LOTUS PETALS, literarily on a group of features and properties, ideals and skills connected to this stage. 

Fifty Petals of Six Lotuses of the body from the Root Center to the Third Eye, Ajna Centre on the top of the head, next to the pituitary gland region, show us in detail the 50 stages of growth, and also 50 different development trainings, which should be completed by a student thoroughly along with achieving Fruit, in order to take the spiritual Journey properly and entirely as well as to enliven the Six Body Flowers. It is not necessary to remind the students that Crown Lotus – Sahasrara, has 1000 Petals, but it shows them that the Seventh, Heavenly Stage of evolution of the human Soul and the Higher Self is 20 times more extensive than all the Six large Periods of Evolution in the human body, and it shows the difference in possibilities and levels of advancement of Students and Spiritual Masters on the top of the Mount Meru (Mt. Sumeru) in the Empyrean of Spirituality and Mastery of the Higher Self!

Himalaya Master

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